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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tropical Storm Don promised...

TS Don formed in the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon as I said it most likely would. He's moving to the wnw at 12 mph with a rain date for Texas. Where in Texas is the question.

Though not currently forecast to be a strong storm that could change. And, remember the lesson Allison drove home...that a very wet tropical storm can make one hell of a mess.

Any movement more to the right could take him futher east and allow him more room for intensification as there is dry air to the west and more moisture to the north. Why would he go west you wonder??? Come on I know you are wondering. There is a high pushing him west, any weakening of that high would allow him to move further to the right. He is not anticipated to do so but well...tropical storms in the Gulf can be tricky if steering currents break down or get funky.

This does have the potential to grow in size if not strength.

And just an editorial comment here...I think women make better trackers as they understand better the slow, exhausting process of giving birth better than men. Its tedious, and it feels like its never going to end but well... suddenly something happens and the baby finally decides to make its dramatic entrance on to the scene...when it wants to mind you. Tropical cyclones forming is a lot like waiting for the real thing after multiple false labors. And, once out there's no putting the baby back into the womb. So guys....whether you thought he would or wouldn't finally form...he is here. Deal with it!

And, like any true baby tropical storm they are prone to do bratty things. So it is possible to have a relocated center further north or east. If so the models will change faster than a NY minute!! Which means basically HOUSTON IS STILL IN IT.

EVERYONE IN TEXAS pay attention

Ill be back later when I have new information. I want to see the newest models and how he looks in the morning.

Sweet tropical dreams,

Ps sorry for any typos. Androids work wonderful but they are no replacement for a laptop. That said....we've come such a long way from the old days when we were all playing "let's be forecasters" on aol. Then again some of us weren't playing ;)


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