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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tropical Don Struggles as it moves towards the Texas Coast

Tropical Storm Don struggles to fight off shear out of the North as it moves towards the Texas coast. It should make landfall as a respectable tropical storm... though one never knows for sure. If rain is what people in Texas want, rain is what they are going to get.

Please note, behind Don are several waves moving westbound towards a date with a name and a set of advisories. We are ramping up towards the busy part of the season here so stay tuned and keep watching.

I'll post more on Don when I see Don do something specific, for now he is holding his own under somewhat hostile circumstances.

Keep watching...

As for me, I had mimosas for brunch with the Mayor and various city historians who celebrated Miami's birthday. It's an amazingly, beautiful city with a breeze that blows endlessly in off the bay... she sparkles in the sunshine, she shimmers in moonlight... she's vibrant, exciting and beautiful... what more can anyone want??

Besos Bobbi
Moon Over Miami:


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