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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tricky Forecast for Tropical Storm Don & Happy Birthday Miami 115 Years Old

Small storms like TS Don provide forecasters at the NHC with a list of problems when trying to forecast both track and intensity. Big intense Cat 4 storms moving wnw in the open ocean around the edges of a strong Bermuda high are a lot easier to predict their story and its ultimate finale. There's the high and there's a trough and a path in between. Small storms in the Gulf still trying to allign their upper and lower center that could move erratically like boozed up wannabe rock star who could fall apart before ever attaining much potential but he just couldn't pull it together vs sudden fame as a one hit wonder who ramped up fast and slams into some Texas town. Which scenari is it?? I mean when the gang at the NHC says they aren't sure what's a girl writing her blog supposed to say??

"Another factor to consider is that the size of Don makes it susceptible to rapid changes in strength...both up and down...that are nearly impossible to forecast given the reduced organization"

The above quote is directly from this mornings tropcal discussion out of the NHC. Can't wait to read what they have to say at. 11AM. They are rarely unsure for long. They will have better sat imagery to look at and more exact information from recon. They are doing their its up to Don to show his hand.

As for me ill be taking part in a birthday celebration today when Miami celebrates her 115th birthday and History Miami marking their partnership with the Smithsonian.

Miami is still a sexy beautiful lady painted in art deco colors with an exciting life. She is the Queen of the Caribbean, she shines at night basked in colorful lights. Miamians are beautiful both inside and out. We love to work out, play on the beach, dine in the moonlight by a tropical breeze on the bay and we love to dance. We speak many languages and dance to different beats and that is what makes us alive and NOW. We have a history, a past, a present and a future. We don't give up...not from recessions or depressions or hurricanes. We keep on dancing...

Join in the dance and come visit Miami....the Magic City.

Mind you Don won't be visiting but can't rule out any visits later in the season by any of his siblings.

Happy Birthday Miami and keep watching those waves.

Besos Bobbi


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