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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tropical Storm Colins 45 MPH moving NW TS Warnings Up For Bermuda

Tropical Storm Colin is officially back in the Atlantic with 45 mph winds and a cone shone above.


location...24.9n 66.3w
about 520 mi...835 km S of Bermuda
maximum sustained winds...45 mph...75 km/hr
present movement...NW or 325 degrees at 20 mph...32 km/hr
minimum central pressure...1009 mb...29.80

Because of a problem at the NHC with their Internet you can't see the advisory or upgrade on their site but trust me... it's for real. And, am sure they will have their site fixed, problems resolved and hey it happens to the best of us. They did an incredible job putting out a forecast for Colin in record time as the recon plane had just sent back the data to the NHC and voila... an excellent discussion and cone and warnings for Bermuda have all been released to the media and other government sites.

The basic gist of the discussion is that he is facing strong shear and does not have the most favorable conditions for further intensification. That being said... a few models intensify it to a hurricane while others do not. Some models move it faster and some do not. Some models bring it closer to the United States and some do not.

This little Piggy seems to want to do Bermuda. Or perhaps we should call is a Fishie :)

Either way.... stay tuned as it is August and this is a storm that has staying power despite difficult conditions.

Elsewhere there is a tropical wave in the Caribbean which is very weak and a very nice wave coming off of Africa but not rushing out to buy supplies for an African Wave just yet until the conditions that hampered Colins have changed a bit.

Take care and hope the NHC gets their system back up and running ... hate to think of all those forecasters having to text and email and play tropical solitaire while waiting for it to be repaired. Just kidding... where there is a will there is a way.

"Internet problems will prevent the NHC web site from being updated
at this time. Please see weather.Gov for advisory text products."

Or you can check on who seems to have paid off the devil and always gets its information ;)

Historical Tracks for storms like Colin are shown here ...just for fun:

Besos Bobbi
Ps... come on you knew he would be back...the models called this one perfectly!


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