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Monday, August 02, 2010

Funky Looking TD

Not looking spectacular tonight on the sat loops... looks even worse on the images.

But, the NHC seems to believe in it so I am going to go to sleep tonight and see how he is at 5am.

It's hard to write off a wave that is moving that fast and maintaining a little red ball of convection ..

Something is killing off the waves this year and I wish I knew what it was..

Easy to say African Dust, but I don't think it's that simple. I always figure storms follow the path of the dust storms and they have been rolling through our neck of the woods often this summer. Makes for nice sunsets... and pink flamingo colored clouds at sunrise.

Then again it is early, very early. It is only the beginning of August, far from Prime Time in the Atlantic Basic for Cape Verde Waves. I hate to go up against climo because I can see Jim Hope's face and that talk on climo and well... climo so often wins.

Either way... this the models are not ignoring this wave and are sticking with it so we will too. And, the models are also dreaming on a Gulf of Mexico wave coming up from the deep, dark Caribbean as well. That new storm would come from the yellow circle that the NHC currently gives a 10% chance.

Keep watching...

As for me.. packing up to go up to NC for a few weeks and not sure how much to take or how much to leave. A lot going on that is up in the air more than just possible tropical storms.

Took a long walk on the boardwalk in Hollywood tonight. Splurged on an Ice Cream Cone for $1.50 and didn't think on the calories. A strong Southern Breeze made the walk almost more beautiful than the walk I took this morning on the canal. Out of the South... strange year. Palm trees swaying in the breeze, people on roller blades, bikes, walking, talking, laughing and even a few dancing. Reminds me a bit of Venice Beach back in the 80s... or was that because Nick's was playing the Bee Gees :)

Keep watching.... will post in the morning before I leave... or as my brother's CD is playing... I'm on my way...but I do know where I am going... me and Julio down by the school yard ;)

Night... Sweet Tropical Dreams and most likely will dream on Jim Hope looking awfully annoyed that Bertha dared to form in his tropically unfavorable area too early in the season.

Been a great trip... ate dinner in some Indian place down near Suniland Shopping center named Imlee. Was okay, not all it's cracked up to be but the Mango yogurt drink was to die for as my old best friend used to say... and fun to drive home on US 1 watching the beautiful city of Miami pass by in the night... all lit up just right!

Besos Bobbi


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ps fast note... the storm looks like the track... a little elephant trunk :)


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