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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stock Up On Starbucks for a Hurricane???

So... I'm in Miami doing my thing, hanging out on Lincoln Road and enjoying the never ending motion of life in the tropics when I take a few minutes out of my busy "walking on Lincoln Road" to get me some Java Brew...

One of the best Starbucks..really ...take a look at this building is that tropical java or what?

And....I get to the counter, debate if it's too hot for hot coffee, am I in the mood for Iced Coffee or maybe an Espresso when I look up and see a hurricane symbol. Mind you ... I always stop for hurricane symbols :)

They are hawking their new instant coffee packages aka VIA ... reminding people to stock up on their hurricane supplies and don't forget the Starbucks lol.

Funny part is that I stock up on their little cans of Espresso at Publix... and okay I do have a few of the little travel packages tucked away for a just in case hurricane :)

As far as the tropics go...there is either a 30% chance or a 20% and 10% chance of something forming. Two weak waves are moving west along the ITCZ into the Caribbean and one towards the islands. There is a wave in the SW Caribbean that has no yellow circle that is flaring up because of it's proximity to an upper level low nearby. Nothing exactly ready to pop but hey any excuse is a good excuse to go into a Starbucks so.... stock up and be prepared just in case :)

Besos Bobbi

Ps Have I mentioned that Miami gyrates in tropical motion? I love it... so much color and life and wind and turquoise water with a light show every afternoon as the sun goes down behind some towering thunderhead :)


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