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Monday, August 02, 2010

Getting there

The National Hurricane Center has it at 90% chances for upgrade.

That's Red.... a big red circle. Waiting to see what they say at 8am after they look at the morning visibles.

Visibles tell what's really going on whereas the water vapor suggests the future... the visible is where it is at when it comes to does he or doesn't he have it this far out.

Look for yourself.. nice tight little spin there. Hard to say it doesn't have a closed center and yet... looks iffy still... need to see some more images.

As for me... I'm going to watch the sunrise while I can and enjoy it with a good cup of joe and I don't mean Bastardi.

One of my concerns is that nice little ball of convection behind the lead Invest might just eat the invest that ate the invest lol.

Nah...think Colin here has legs or more precisely fins as it looks to swim in the ocean for a while.

As someone posted on last night... got a lot of little balls of fire out there ;)

Or maybe they meant me ???

Keep watching... besos bobbi

Ps..will post pics when I wake up ....


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