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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Colin Forming in the Far Eastern Atlantic.. a Real Cape Verde Cane

There is a beautiful, really beautiful wave out in the far Eastern Atlantic. It is actually a combined two for one deal as it was two waves that sort of wrapped themselves up together in a Kama Sutra sort of move and now is one big, beautiful wave.

Think Rainbow Roll or some sexy kama sutra move, a slow, sexy tropical dance and suddenly a Cape Verde Tropical Storm is born named Colin.

Colin... ummmm oh lordie as in Collins Avenue on Miami Beach or as in Colin does the Carolinas...where would Colin go and what would Colin be like?

First let's look at the name... a sort of strange name for a Tropical Storm in the Caribbean area as the name is very Irish it seems. Sounds more like some brooding mescoscale system out over the Moors in a Victorian Romance novel than it does a name derived from the people of the islands which is the whole shpiel the Hurricane Center gave that they were using names connected to the region. Then again still don't see how Isaac is a name from the Carib unless it's an Israeli selling tee shirts in Key West.

The boy's name Colin \c(o)-lin\ is pronounced KOH-lin, KAH-lin. It is of Irish, Scottish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Colin is "young creature". Diminutive form of the medieval name Col or Colle, a short form of Nicholas (Greek) "people of victory". In Scotland, it has been used as an Anglicised form of Cailean (Gaelic), popular among the Campbells and the MacKenzies. See also Collin. Secretary of State Colin Powell; actors Colin Farrell, Colin Firth.

For now he is a tropical wave that should be upgraded later today to a Tropical Depression and sometime later this week to a Tropical Storm and then.... a Hurricane. He is a young creature still, victorious over the weaker wave, the weaker invest. Colin it seems is a fighter...

What is in a name after all... John F. Kennedy was also Jack wasn't he? Hmnnnnnnn

Maybe Colin was a landowner on a sugar plantation in Barbados once upon a time.

Maybe this year if he doesn't take the northern track he might do Barbados again but for now the easy money is on Puerto Rico by Friday...

Long term ...time will tell ...look how much room he has to travel and he still needs an upgrade to Tropical Depression before he gets the C name.

But..for now... there is a Cape Verde Storm forming out on the horizon, closer to Africa than the islands and if Colin forms remember it is one invest that ate the other and swallowed it up and became a bigger, stronger storm...

Where would it go?

Where do all good Cape Verde storms go? They go west... and then they dip a bit (tango dance) and then they go west north west and then they aim at PR..and go up over the islands towards Florida and the Gulf or the Carolinas.

Will Colin take Door #1 or Door #2?

Only time will tell... think I am in the mood for a Jimmy Buffett omelet..wonder what they would be exactly?

On a personal level here...had a nice night last night at the Waterways. Nothing like palm trees frittering their palms with little green lights lighting up the fronds and the yachts in the yacht basin and people out walking, talking, eating, drinking at midnight ...licking ice cream cones rather than worrying on prediction cones and next Saturday night Miami might be out shopping for hurricane supplies...or not.. who knows?

Does the NHC even know? It's got a long, long way to go before he gets into our part of the world so for now... am watching him as he develops while I sneak peeks on my cell phone.

Have a beautiful Sunday.... enjoy the breeze or the sunshine or the blessed rain...

Besos Bobbi
Ps... my brother in Miami is backing up his computer...


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