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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Colin Remains a Player

The much watched remains of the Low that was previously known as Colin is probably the most watched Tropical Ghost on the Satellite loops today. The NHC actually sent planes into the area that was previously known as Colin and found him to still have tropical storm force winds in the NE part of the wave and pressures were dropping earlier this afternoon from buoys in the area.

Nice blow up going on over the last few hours this afternoon.

I don't know what will be but I do know I told a friend yesterday that if the convection associated with Colin goes away, washes out then we can see bye, bye Colin but if the convection remains and he hangs in there... which he definitely is doing then we have a real possible problem.

The Nogaps is turning Colin's regenerated center into a storm that turns back towards the coast of Florida, breaking from the pack that curve him safely away.

So.............keep watching along with the NHC who is also watching and would think his chances would go up later tonight to at least a 40%. Currently he is a weak, yellow circle with 20% chances to develop. He's looking more orange to me...

Not a named storm but still a player in the Tropical Atlantic.

Nice loop below... we call it the Juice Loop and when you get orange juice rolling in circular balls it's compelling as so is Colin.

Besos Bobbi


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