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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

NHC Goes Orange for Colin

What is in a name really? Colin, once was Colin, wannabe Colin...

The Navy site just keeps it as Colin rather than starting a new Invest. Got to love the Navy site. It's like living in the real world.

Either way models are still clamped on to it and some actually turn it into a hurricane. I know... sounds like Fantasy Football doesn't it?

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Well, I am in bed but I am going to get more into bed sleep mode here.

Interesting that the models are bending the Future King Colin back towards the Carolinas again while other models keep it out to sea.

Looks like an annoyed little man tonight complete with an unhappy face.

The Upper Level Low is beginning to let go, conditions will be more favorable and it's possible that he will hang in there after all and win back his name and his claim to fame.

Reading the news tonight... amazing how some stories don't fade away completely, they pop up out of nowhere on some google alert and you just think... well I guess it's like Colin. You almost feel like he should be some South Beach dude who loves the news and doesn't want to miss the limelight and who wouldn't miss South Beach? I do. If that cicada outside does not shut up I may go with Colin on the Carolinas and hope and pray it wipes every cicada off the friggin planet. (Sorry if you like them, I don't)

Either way my best friend Malka will be here this weekend with her husband and the girl from the opening credits of Miami Vice lol and I are going to enjoy the night even if it's here and not in Flamingo Park sitting on a bench under the big Banyan tree and feeling the breeze. Wine... lots of wine and smiles. Yup, Magda and I are going to sit, sip and talk.. Magda .. Malka...what is in a name?

What difference do a few nights make?

Well.... tonight, like a few nights ago I wonder again if Colin is going to make it through the night.. if he will look better or worse or be that much closer to destiny.

Patterns are becoming set in stone around here... while looking for a picture to place up here I saw one that almost mirrored tonight's pic but was from back in July... patterns are becoming set as the season begins to ramp up in a few weeks or so.

July 20th... look at the sat image

Now look at Colin tonight... almost in the same spot a few weeks later

Stay tuned... the headlines filled with alliteration are waiting for Colin to call on the Carolinas.

And, if you are way up north somewhere check out the Northern Lights.. a rare event is unfolding and promises to be pretty far south so good luck ... maybe up in Northern Minnesota somewhere you might just see nature's most beautiful light show :)

Good night... sleep tight and hope you get to see the Northern Lights ;)

Chi Meegwetch Bobbi


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