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Thursday, August 17, 2023

NHC Has 4 Circles in ATL But Major Hurricane Hilary Trumps Them ALL!

Late Nite Update!
Longer blog tomorrow.
Remember they have to travel thru SAL
Dry air at the Mid Level...
...but maybe.
Closer in ...homegrown could happen!!

Hilary is now a Cat 3 Major Hurricane.
Getting stronger.

As mentioned earlier. this area is forecast.... move into the Gulf of Mexico.

I put on Fox Weather today for a change.
I tend to forget it's there... 
...tho I do watch Wather Nation sometimes.
Bryan Norcross was on discussing the tropics.
Kind of awesome.
Listened to him the whole night of Andrew...
..I'd know his voice anywhere.

CSU came out with an update for the next few weeks.

Here's an image from the report.
These are possible tracks of possible storms.
Ensemble like style.

So stay tuned.
Will update in the morning.

Yup... got all colors in the NHC crayola pack!

To be fair they only use these 3.

Sweet Tropical Dreams
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Well ..when I remember to go to Threads.
Just being honest......


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