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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Franklin ...Only Storm on the Map Today. Franklin Hovering Over Hispaniola Like a Praying Mantis. Forecast to be a Hurricane in the ATL. Stay Tuned.


Franklin the only storm in town today.
Leading with the models.
Cone below.

You can see the Cone follows models.

Franklin is over Hispaniola.
Actually exactly where NHC said it would be.
A day late, but not a dollar short.

A dollar doesn't go far in the Dollar Store these days does it?  I'm actually impressed with Franklin this morning, not for specifics but the overall blooming pocket of moisture it's in and it has this look of a developing system or a developing system after it gets off the mountains of Hispaniola.

Hurricanes do horrible when they crawl across huge mountains, however sometimes a weak, less developed storm does better as there is no strong deep, circulation to disturb. After they cross the moisture comes back together over warm water and if the shear is lighter as models infer it is then we will really see what Franklin has and if the models that are so tightly clustered are correct. Sometimes they bounce funny coming off land into water, an awkward dive and then we see what they look like when they pull themselves together again.

At this point if the models suddenly split like spaghetti all over the floor everyone will freak out as models have been consistent for days, yet Franklin has been totally inconsistent in maintaining intensity beneath is blobby cloud cover.

So let's let Franklin do it's thing today and I will update this blog later on....

For now the only circles we have are....
far out and staying far out at sea.
And Franklin...

I'm also waiting to see if the NHC blinks and puts a yellow circle down where we ae watching colorful, convection on satellite imagery congregate near Central America. Models are also quite consistent in bringing this moisture up into our part of the world. Crossover storms do happen, we gave them the tropical that didn't develop as an Invest in the Caribbean to the EPAC and they got Dora, sort of like a trade between the Dolphins and the Rams. They may be giving us Idalia. But this morning we have Franklin and let's take things one by one and the only one named storm we have today is Frnaklin. 

Dvorak above.. it has intensity.
50 MPH now!
In motion Fraklin is actually impressive.

Not impressive as a Major Hurricane.
Impressive as a stubborn Tropical Storm.

So for now let's just stick with Franklin and wait to see what we will see. It's that simple today. Icon on shows this for Sunday, an offshore Hurricane Franklin moving along tracing the coastline on it's way towards Canada in the North Atlantic.

We do have purple splotches on the map I use while waiting to see what yellow circle the NHC may or may not put up. The MDR has lots of waves with possibilities, they all seem to want to recurve for now if they develop at all. So more concerned with what's on our side of the world as anything that develops down in the Carib or once it gets to the tip of Cuba near the Yucatan gets into the Gulf of Mexico so we need to look there for now, unless the MDR gets it's act together.

Have a great day.
Prayers for people in Haiti and DR.
Flash flooding happens fast... in a flash.
Even a Tropical Depression 
.....can cause death and misery there.
So prayers.

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