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Sunday, October 09, 2022

TS Julia Crossing Central America... NHC Says It Dies Out in the Pacific .. most likely. Nothing Tropical on the Horizon. Busy with Sukkos and Fall Weather & the STATE FAIR!


This is Julia.
Over land.

Moving West.

Kind of clear cut and the NHC believes Julia will stay in the Pacific sliding along the coast, not amounting to much as they have a yellow X on the EPAC page with a Zero Percent chances kind of to say "yes, we  know it made it into the Pacific" but not expecting further development. Flash flooding in Central America is the main concern as I have said before. There are some models that try to get it back into our side of Central America in a region known to see redevelopment occaisionally of cross over systems that just keep changing basins as if they don't want to go quietly into the  night and aren't ready to stop traveling. The NHC has said in their discusison that they believe it will just disappate in the Eastern Pacific. You can see the models below.

And, there are a parade of cold fronts moving across the Country dipping down into the South and while it's not impossible for something to pop up home grown like a surprise, nothing is obvious nor should concern anyone. That said, the season isn't over yetand home grown storms from decaying cold fronts are all the rage in October so don't let your guard down and pack away your hurricane supplies while taking out halloween decorations. Up North ...down South ... in North Carolina we just put them aside to use for Winter Storms. 

Don't forget to give those in need from Ian in SW Florida. My son Levi in Miami at Compass Realty is collecting to send (car seats, basics, even halloween clothes for children) Nice for kids to have even a bit of normal after a hurricane; I raised young kids with hurricanes and trust me car seats good for parents, toiletries and basics for everyone but for children to have a bit of halloween is sweet. I saw the car seats but when I saw the costumes I smiled, kids need to smile. We all do!

Life does go on you know...
for those who survived.
My friend just got power back the other day.
They set up a Sukkoth for the holiday.
I gave and will continue to give.
Find a charity u know and trust and give what u can. I know them well. If you don't know a reliable charity on the scene then give so many who need. Trying to find normal after a hurricane is the hardest. 

And in Raleigh I'm busy with scotch in the Sukkoth.
Cold night, good idea....

Yes, I'm kind of busy with the Sukkoth holiday where it's a thing that many Jews build little "huts" with palm fronds on top or pine branches and celebrate an ancient holiday that is very alive and fun. Nothing like the sense of Fall, color outside, cool crisp nights and friends gathered around having fun. Also the State Fair is opening in Raleigh this week and that's a thing here... Cute theme...................

I'll be offline Monday and Tuesday and back Tuesday night or Wednesday depending what mood I'm in. Miami is wonderful but a bit too hot and humid to spend time eating outdoors and can't tell you how many times a tropical system came through and we had to take the hut down or see it take off in the wind; we took it down obviously and Hurricane Wilma is a good example of that. I lived in LA and it's awesome, beautiful not humid and this particular year Raleigh is ready for Fall and halfway to winter as it was 45 degrees this morning at sunrise by me and going to be in the 50s tonight! I took out my winter clothes and found my boots! Nothing more fun for a Miami girl who usually got 3 days a year to wear boots, to put your boots on and a cute skirt and get out in the sunshine and cool air and know I can do it for months.... I'll get back to Miami after the holiday at some point but leaving the boots at home in NC. 

Soooo enjoy the weather.
The pumpkins and mums.
Fall flavors.
Pumpkin Spice Latte
or... Chai Tea?

Crazy times the last few years.
Good to take some time to enjoy.
Pray for those who need.
Pray for PEACE!!!
And, give thanks for what you have.
And you've always got the weather...
..sunrise, sunset and everything in between!

Chow for Now  ;)
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... I used to write that in high school ... it bugged someone.
You know it's Ciao not Chow but looks better ... u see?

Ps you thought I was gonna play the other song?
Ha ha ha.. maybe later this week!


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