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Saturday, October 08, 2022

Hurricane Julia... Going All the Way Into the Pacific... Already a Yellow X 20% in the 5 Day There... Fear of Flash Flooding for Central America Huge! Hope She Doesn't Go a Little Bit Slower But Speeds UP Fast!


Hurricane Julia.
Looking tough, put together.
Glad she ran out of water to intensify more.
Though it will still cause flash flooding I fear...
Cone below ...west ... Pacific Bound!

Discussion on Western movement from NHC

Iconic Cone below.

Really not much I can say other than this will, could bring flash flooding across a wide area in Central America and the fact that it's moving a "little bit" slower is NOT good! Hoping that's short term movement but with elevation, small villages tucked in different places ...well water runs, rushes downhill FAST and I hope it won't be as bad as I fear it will be. And, well this is far from over. There is already a yellow X on the Eastern Pacific part of the NHC Page. Kind of says it all.

As the season began .... moving towards an end, eventually.... would not be surprised if this is not the next storm in the EPAC's very El Nino like hot run of nonstop tropical systems as the Atlantic plays catch up at the tail end of our season. We can discuss the future of the Atlantic Hurricane Season another day, tonight it's all about Hurricane Julia.

Sweet Tropical Dreams... from cooling down Raleigh where the next few nights will be fun but COLD! Getting my boots out tomorrow!

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Oldie goldie.... cause Julia going all the way ...into the Pacific! 


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