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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Short Update. Full Blog This Afternoon - 90% Chances on New Storm in the GOM. The Beat Goes On..Today is a Clean Up Day in the South From Sally & Teddy Hopefully Stays Out At Sea.


Our area in the GOM is at 90%
It has strong support this morning from the EURO.
Also other models but being clear here.

Teddy while huge and menancing looking.... forecast to stay out at sea.
There may be a close call with Maine ...
....and the Canadian Maritimes.
Obviously things can change down the road.
More waves are rolling off of Africa.

While we have a plethora of areas to watch.
Nothing is about to make landfall currently.
Enjoy the break to review your plans.

Hurricane Season is far from over. I have a few committments this morning and I want to wait to see what the NHC does regarding the Gulf of Mexico system  before writing too much. Models over night showed Teddy has a path he can take to not threaten the East Coast and this year Fear of Hurricanes is up there with FOMO and other problems that keep us awake at night so I understand how while it may look dangerous, that does not mean there is hidden danger for all of us from Charleston to Boston from Teddy. It may mean Maine has a close call but it can as easily go out to sea as most people are hoping it will and just be a big, beautiful Major Hurricane and they love to remind you they have Noreasters stronger than hurricanes. Oh and with luck Teddy might miss Bermuda and give them a break for a bit.

My bigger concern is that we are moving into the part of the hurricane season when fronts deliver hurricanes to our door from deep in the Caribbean where the water is hot and waiting and ready to support tropical development. The most common way out of the Caribbean this time of year is North to NorthEast and many cities in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico stand in the path of those systems from Mobile to Tampa to Miami; Cuba is always in the way of those systems as are sometimes the beautiful Bahamas.   

Along with the concern on the Caribbean there is the issue of dangling cold fronts that push through parts of Florida that flounder in the warm moist atmosphere on either side of Florida that allow spin up, pop up systems such as Sally to form and slam ashore the way those beautiful sailboats landed in people's back yards who live along the usually tranquil, beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico or a lazy quiet river that they look out at in the evening sipping a drink in their backyard and thanking the powers that be for the beauy of Mother Nature. September 2020 it seems Mother Nature was not kind and I have every reason to believe this will continue well into October and deep into the Greek Alphabet as we are officially in La Nina and that only supports stronger fronts and more concerning hurricanes.

Stay tuned for the details this afternoon.
Thanks for your patience and for your presense here both reading and sharing with me on Twitter.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... I have rain associated with Sally today in the Carolinas so I'm going to enjoy the sound of gentle rain falling, but a lot is due to fall and along with the concern for twisters there are flash flooding warnings up for the places that are prone to flooding when we have a heavy rain and the rains from Sally are still going strong as she slides up through the Deep South looking for an exit plan to get back into the ocean.

It's good to laugh in times such as this and this made me laugh; it's an old joke but it made me smile.
Great song, sorry about that. Sometime blessed the rains down by Africa perhaps too much this year or it's just a 2020 thing. Stay prepared for the unexpected always.

Sally....still going strong even as a tropical depression. Be careful she is still carrying dangerous weather and she's here while Teddy is way out there so think global, but act local always!


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