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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

TD3 Off the Coast of Florida ... Not Forecast To Intensify ...

atl_ir4_sat_tropicalindex_anim.gif (640×480)

Keeping this brief today.
Family event going on... 
Note the odd shape of TD3
The NHC has it down near Florida.
It's being absorbed by the convection to it's North.
I'm not sure what the NHC will write at 11 AM.
So far it seems a defense of their decisions.

There's weather off the coast of Florida.
It's not as bad as the weather in NYC last night.
There is a blob East of the Carolinas.

A new Yellow Circle popped up in the Gulf of Mexico.

TD3 first that later.

Still aimed at North Carolina.
Still forecast to dissolve tomorrow.

Late last night a red dot of convection formed at the "center"

This morning there is more convection than last night

It doesn't look like your normal TD but it's named.
Earthnull presentation if you zoom in all the way.
You can see there is something there.

From a distance you can see it all......

Kind of looks like a comet headed North.
Blob off Carolina.
Blob near Texas Louisiana.
I pointed out the persistent blob the other day on the blog.

Now there's a new yellow formation zone.

Is it just me or do they look like yellow floats in a pool?
I haven't had coffee yet.
There's a bris and I can't be late.
Google it.

The point here is there is no point it's weather.
Plain and simple.

Tropical weather barely organized.
The NHC designated it TD 3

Please follow the NHC for all their advisories.

This is not the real hurricane season.
Do not judge what September will bring ..... Invests that have been upgraded to designated status now.

Consider this as if it's PreSeason.
I like football.
I watch preseason games.
I don't get too invested in them.
But it's fun ....
Any weather can be problematic on any given day.
NYC had crazy flash flooding yesterday.

This is the tropics Tuesday.

July formation zones below

Close in systems in July formation areas.
Below is the big wide view.
Convective systems near the US.
A wave off of Africa.
A huge high in the middle.

August formation zones below.

I'll update later today as time permits.
Not much else to say.

Pretty sure Mike will say something at 9:19 AM this AM
or around then.... 

And sure the NHC will explain in discussion things.

Talk soon.
Gotta go... 

Ps... We'll see what becomes Chantal eventually.

Ps... if you want my sarcastic view of things read the top of the previous blog.
Need caffeine. So does TD 3


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