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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tropical Storm Alvin Forms... Goes South of West a Bit... Hmnn. Keep Watching Those Waves in Hot Miami

Tropical Storm Alvin has formed in the East Pacific as expected. Though possibly because of it's new movement just South of West it may be in warmer water longer and gain more intensity than previous forecast by the NHC however they are not leaving the door open for development to hurricane strength. 
Note the discussion from the NHC below.
Compare and contrast with earlier discussion.
They've gone from 40 MPH to 45 MPH.. holding open the door for 60 MPH.

Even from far away you can see the tropical cyclone.

Up close shown below.

Other than his wayward movement S of West...
No real surprises here expected.
Well..surprises are never expected are they?

As with most EPAC storms they go quietly out to sea.

As for the Atlantic Basin it's like this.
There are waves moving West.
Despite the SAL and the shear...
That's what they do this time of year.
If they are there and they are there.
That worries us with regard to late July and August.
And when the MJO moves into the Atlantic.
We could see some interesting formation out there.

New wave over Africa.
Mid Atlantic moving towards South America.
Much moisture in the SW Caribbean.
A small barely there wave near PR.
More visible below in this beautiful image.

Is that a healthy wave or what?
Moving South of the dusty SAL.
Such a sneaky wave.
Shear is there near the Islands.
If this keeps up we could have problems early.
Stay tuned.

atl_ir4_sat_tropicalindex_anim.gif (640×480)

Bottom right.... sneaky wave.
Shear shooting out through the Islands.. 
Weather is amazing.

In other news the candidates are converging on Miami.
Someone must hate them... 

How Florida views the Universe.....

Miami in late June with the temperature in the Mid 90s.
Expecting them to walk around Little Havana and shake hands.
I love Miami but it is hot and humid.
In the beautiful Banana Republic of Miami...
..the circus is always in town ;)
Like Carnival ...

In Miami people wouldn't stage a walk out.
That's because you don't leave the AC ... 
Maybe a sit down but you don't leave the AC.

Keep those waves in mind.
And close in possible development.
Nothing is expected... 
But they weren't expecting that S of West movement for Alvin.
And they weren't expecting him to get past 45 mph.
So keep watching.
While you're watching the water is heating up.

Prepare for Hurricane Season.... 
Just do it!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... this song is in my head all day all night ... 
Ooh La La

It's hot in Miami ....

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