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Friday, June 28, 2019

Enjoy Your Hot Summer Nights Because the Water is Warming UP and when the MJO Moves Our Way Things Will Explode Just As Fast As They Did in the EPAC... 3 Areas in EPac.. Wet Sahel Region + Strong High + Strong Waves = Trouble Down the Line. Enjoy those SAL Sunsets!

Alvin is slowly falling apart.
As expected.
Small systems blow up fast....
...fall apart just as fast.
Similar to Beryl from last year in the Atlantic.
Again worth noting the EURO missed the intensification.
Other models did call for that to happen.
Below we find a wide picture of the Atlantic.

That's a real Tropical Wave over South Florida.
Or as my kids call it the apocalypse is back!
The Tropical Wave moved up there from Puerto Rico.
That's the current pattern ... keep that in mind.

atl_ir4_sat_tropicalindex_anim.gif (640×480)

It's a wave not a tropical storm.
But still combined with the extreme heat daily....'s making Miami kids who know hurricanes worry a bit.
Don't worry.... Be prepared!

Below you can see the Waves in the Atlantic.

Shear blasts at the wave, disperses convection everywhere.
Wave behind this one is grinning.
Maybe he thinks it's like a carnival ride?
You can't make this stuff up.
Sort of like "oh crap that's not good...."

More departing Africa as I type.
Endless progression of waves westbound.
As the MJO moves to the East towards the waves.
Shear is forecast to weaken. We'll see...

Dabuh shows this so well.

Yup a real live Wave Train coming off Africa.
Rain has been higher than normal in the Sahel region.
And the water in the Atlantic is warming up day by day.

Note shear close in to Florida isn't so high.
That's why we look for surprises to POP UP sometimes.
Nothing is expected.
But just as the EPAC came alive suddenly.
There is now 1 storm, 1 red area and another yellow area.. 
That's how fast things happen in the tropics.

But I promise you within about 10 days....
Things will change. 
You'll go online and go "oh, wow... what's that?"
July 10th is my actual date.
Though anytime over the next ten days...
.... expect to see something interesting.
Til then... 
Shop for supplies and make lists of what you need.
Use your phone to record what you have for insurance purposes.
Hope and pray that nothing comes your way.
But better safe than sorry.

Have a most beautiful weekend.
Mike has some excellent wind shear sites.
Check them out on the far left of his page.
Below the models.

Hey I know it's hot.
But it's way hotter this week in Europe.
That's how Mother Nature works.
She spreads her love around....

Besos BobbiStorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Follow me there for real time discussion.

Ps.... Find some friends or a place to be alone.
And enjoy the wild summer nights.........

For Sue ... smiling........ besos and hugs

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