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Monday, May 20, 2019

UPDATED 11 PM Subtropical Storm Andrea Forms in the Atlantic While Tornadoes Dance Across the Southern Plains. Dangerous Evening For Many.

11 PM.

Relevant discussion from NHC

While low odds Bermuda needs to watch Andrea.

Elsewhere so far the huge out break of tornadoes did not pan out.
There are concerns on late night tornadoes ....
... and flooding as spoken about earlier is happening.
I've said this before but flooding gets coverage after the fact.
Everyone rushes into the area to show dramatic images.
But the hype on the tornadoes eclipsed the flood danger.

I've been watching Midland Texas area all day.
Been there... know it.
The way this system has hung back some...
.... has increased it's problems through tonight.

Keep watching.....
Stay safe.

* * *

The 2019 Hurricane Season begins early.

Models are in general agreement with a turn out to sea, but they also show a slow down in forward motion and depending on how long it sits and how fast it gets picked up things could be interesting. Hey, a named storm in May is interesting on it's own though it's not that rare and it's not unexpected. 

This is typical.
The cone from the NHC shows the story.
Slow movement at first and then it gets picked up.

GOES16-TAW-13-900x540.gif (900×540)

Subtropical Storm Andrea obvious even from far awya.

From far away you can pick out Andrea.
From close up you can see the closed center.

Models did a good job of picking up on this storm.

It doesn't have the best form... 
...but it's subtropical.
And tomorrow it should tighten up some.

Using this loop you can see where the spin is...

I showed this storm several days ago.
Andrea has been used before as a Subtropical in May.
Formed off the East Coast as well.

2007 Andrea.

Just an example to show...
It's well within climo to have a subtropical storm form there in May.

I'll update later today as more information comes in.

The big news today of the cyclonic kind is really in the Plains.
A huge system that is currently producing Tornadoes.

I'm watching the storms on the Plains.
But my main interest is always tropical.
But I also have friends chasing ...
..and good friends in the cross hairs in Oklahoma.

Stay tuned.
It's a busy day cyclonically speaking.

And it's very possible we will end May with another tropical system.
There are some models indicating it's possible.
We can talk on that tomorrow.
For today know Subtropical Storm Andrea formed.
And know there are tornadoes on the ground today.

Stay informed on fast breaking weather changes today.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps.. June 1st is just a date.
The season begins when it begins.
If it's meant to be it'll be...

Remember that... 
Prepare now for Hurricane Season.
It's never too late to start preparing.
This will be a busy season...
.... with expected development close in.

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