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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Passing of Legend John Coleman & January Thaw Into February Freeze. Not really "NEWS" It Happens Every Year. TWC Rant

Nothing much going on today.
Changes down the road.
Sunny and Cool in my world today.
So what to talk about?
Things that annoy me.

TWC is advertising the return of Winter.
"February Freeze"
Yah....happens in February.

 I'm under the weather today and trying to find something to watch. The Weather Channel is not doing it for me today. Why you ask? Because they show a possible "wintry pattern" and ask very dramatically "how long will this last?" and I'm thinking "until Spring probably." Let's see maybe until we are done with February? It's obviously everyone has gotten spoiled by the last few warm winters and everyone seems shocked we may get another "shot of cold air" again. It's January 25th today and we are just a month into winter so I think we may have more shots of wintry weather in the near future. You can circle March 20th as the Spring Equinox and that is almost two months away so I suggest everyone not used to putting on the heat in the South or possibly getting snow in the NE just deal with it. Won't continue forever, soon we will move into Spring and then the Hurricane Season.

I also seriously dislike those DERMA PERMA whatever they are commercials that look as if there is an infomercial on and you worry you may be sitting on the remote control only to realize it's just a stupid advertisement. It may or may not work I don't care as I am not buying skin cream from TWC commercials. Speaking of those annoying commercials I hate that "My Pillow" commercial and usually change channels as it goes on and on forever. The problem is that commercial is now on CNN, FOX and every other channel that obviously caters to Baby Boomers as no one else is watching cable TV anymore. Okay possibly Gen X kids still watch it (that generation ends around 1981) but even many of them have moved over to alternative solutions to watch entertainment and receive their news.

Someone who I generally like on The Weather Channel just explained by way of a graph that in the NE February actually gets very snowy. Mike, from, has complained frequently that the show is getting too boring and they sound more like a Science for Kids show than a real WEATHER show and I'm going to agree. The level of dumbing down the weather is off the charts lately or more so they seem to believe that people who watch their channel vs the other 358 other channels cable provides know nothing about weather. Think about that. I'm pretty sure the people actually watching TWC and their explanations on "why snow falls" know why snow falls they want to know if it is going to fall. They don't need to compete with "Bill Nye the Science Guy" they just need to do what they did that got there here. They always have this need to fix something that isn't broken and then they have to fix it again.

636521556088872173-AP-CORRECTION-OBIT-JOHN-COLEMAN-96775905.JPG (534×401)

I've watched TWC since the beginning as most old timers know. So mentioning it here that one of the most original weather people around passed away this past week. I remember when John Coleman announced on his morning show he did the weather for that he would be leaving as they were starting a new channel that would show weather 24/7. Those were the days before reality weather shows and they began to branch out into gardening and showing how a volcano erupts. You see anyone under the age of say 50 knows that to know that all you got to do is go to Youtube.

And it's also worth noting I am now getting old school style TWC on my Facebook Feed as Accuweather now goes Facebook Live with breaking weather the way TWC used to do. Old timers who we miss such as Dave Schwartz took a page from John and knew how to be themselves and when they could make the forecast fun. Let's be honest sometimes the weather is boring. But people like John Coleman never let us be bored. I can fall asleep when TWC does a long explanation of something so simple that if I am watching TWC I obviously KNOW why snow forms. Rather than their veiled commercials for travel destinations they do chit chat where usually some woman with a Masters Degree at least in Weather stands in a semi sexy dress nodding her head up and down while some guy in long sleeves and a tie shows her how the front may move in later this week. No words.

Remember when Weather People actually did the weather? What I love about John Coleman is he was always taking risks and staying fresh. Some people retire and fade away; not him he stayed busy almost until the end. I'm going to try and read the book that tells the story. Jim Williams from suggested I read it and will try. I've looked through it but now seems as good as any to start a real book vs an article online! Thanks Jim!

content (128×192)

St. Paul Winter Carnival is being advertised on TWC. May I remind you they get money for that it as basically a commercial; let's call them advertising partners. Other than the word "WINTER" nothing newsy is going on unless something happens there this particular year. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about it in the 1920s. Spoiler Alert his Southern Belle heroine wasn't real excited aboiut getting lost in an icy maze and went back down South real fast. It's been around a long time, not really news but obviously TWC doing an advertising segment as not much is happening today.

Sadly she didn't know how to dress...
...for the Ice Palace.
No App.
No Google?
Clueless boyfriend?

I'm okay. I think. I've been worse. Just tired and a bit annoyed that while hiding from the constant agenda driven news on CNN and FOX I tried to just leave TWC but that's not gonna do it for me today. I guess I'll be a Millenial (love them) and watch Netflix or just turn off the cable and leave on the collage of every changing pretty pictures and listen to some music. 

It's beyond blue and beautiful outside. Maybe I'll put on a few layers of clothes and take a walk or go out and pick up everything on the balcony that fell down when Raleigh had wind gusts in the high 30s on Tuesday before the "dry cold front" blew through.  Maybe I'll work on my journal offline (the real one) or read a short story by Scott or play on Ancestry. Not dying my hair or doing my nails today. Just resting.

I like fun and crazy and happy and though I am oddly wearing the same shade of green that the girl on TWC is wearing today I'm not interested in being shocked that there are Ice Jams in Winter... oh my!

Hope your day is awesome. I don't really care about his political agenda or anyone's today but if not for John Coleman there wouldn't be a Weather Channel or the other imitation Weather Channel and Accuweather probably would never think to do a Facebook Live when there is breaking weather. Or they just copied Mike from either way when weather is really breaking those of us in the Gen X to the Baby Boomer Generation are incredibly happy to have them covering the story.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps The 80s were wonderful. Perhaps TWC should try doing musical segments to show the weather vs advertising Summer? And, Yes I know they have added women Mets who have Doctorate degrees but they still dress them like Gidget.

Back when they were a media phenomenon people wrote songs about them...

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