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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Updated. Are Models Trending West? Snow in FL UF & FSU Students Told to Bundle Up and Hunker Down. Texas to Maine Under Watchers and Warnings. Possible Hurricane Force Winds Along the Coast.

Still forming.
Call it Winter Storm
Call it #GRAYSON
Call it Trouble.

Again note up the coast the threat is WIND
Brutal cold.

In NC we are watching it.
From Raleigh NWS Discussion

Potential to look this way.

How far South will this go?

NWS Jax below.

UF going to get weather.
Go Gators ... Bundle UP!

TWC calls it #GRAYSON
They will be on for live ...
...local News doing Team Coverage.

Lake City FL
Pretty far south to see Winter Weather.

And then there is the humor...

Hurricane Recon going into the storm.
Well when the storm forms.

Models showing possibilities
Feels like Hurricane Season ..
...doesn't it?

Up near NC

Look at the size of this system.
Winter Trouble System.

On the back side 
Arctic Air flows down.
All the way down.

Note discussion out of Jax NWS
TWC going to Lake City Florida.

The satellite loops are awesome.
The models are threatening.

Thanks for above loop!

rgb-animated.gif (720×480)

1. Note COLD air up near the Dakotas diving down.
2. Note the extremely cold cloud signatures off the East Coast.
3. Watch off the coast of South Florida just North of Cuba.

This Low Pressure System is forming now. Models have trended West meaning more coastal impacts though until it forms and begins to move it's anyone's guess how much winter weather Florida and coastal Georgia will see. TWC is in Charleston SC so you can extrapolate that a bit and know that they are expecting to cover a Winter Storm along the coastline. In North Carolina, as always, the snow line is just over Raleigh and if it moves a bit to the West than the RDU metro area will have drive time impacts even if there is only a little snow. Why? Because the ground is currently frozen solid and anything that falls...........will stick. The Outer Banks should get a strong blow as the Low really wraps up and it may deliver Hurricane FORCE winds somewhere further UP the coastline. 

Wes is who I respect the most in the Raleigh area.

I do want to say one thing. Some models have seen to be too extreme and hard to believe. That's possible, however they said that about the rain totals forecast for the Houston area when Hurricane Harvey was in the Gulf of Mexico. This is not a year that I would like to bet against "extreme" temperatures, winds or snow totals. Then there is the threat of ICE and I mean that with regard to Florida.

FSU is under a Winter Storm Warning.

So I'll update later tonight as the next set of model runs come in and we see if the trend today that was further West continues. Note all of the players are online and it feels like a Winter Hurricane to see so many of the tropical regulars waxing poetic on models and discussion. 

He is just so good.

Dabuh doing his thing.
He's in the JAX area.
This has his attention.
It has everyone's attention on the East Coast.

Okay, I'm going to keep this simple in discussion and share some thoughts with you for now. Later this evening I will most likely update my thoughts as to the winter storm TWC calls Grayson. Most people are calling it "You Got To Be Kidding!!" as the brutally cold weather has reached deep into the State of Florida and even Miami people are complaining it's damp and cold. You see "cold" is exciting, but no one wants damp, cold, windy weather.

The "Low" is forming as I type this close in to Florida somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle that swallowed up several planes back in the 1940s never to be seen again... but this Winter Storm will not go away for days. Realistically speaking it will impact coastal areas from Florida to Maine. Parts of Florida have a Winter Weather Warning and they may see snow and or ice tomorrow in a swath from Tallahassee Florida where FSU students were put on notice for the winter storm to just East of Jacksonville. As this is a developing situation this could develop into a bigger storm or it could pull more to the left or right much like a game ending FG in a Noles game.

Let's look at that "pressure falling" one again.

Let's use our ole wind site.
Can you see the kink in the winds?

Up close and personal.
In the Florida Straits.

This is wrapping closer in than yesterday's thought.

A very sound voice in Raleigh.
He knows weather, models and the Carolinas.

Updates will be made tomorrow.
Anyone traveling I95 might want to rethink that.

From Texas to Maine ...
...and everywhere in between.

And just for extra credit.
There is an abundance of energy in the tropics.


Snow in the GOM.
You don't see that often.

I'll be back later tonight with an update.
Most likely at the top.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps. Crown Weather does an excellent job tracking weather for their clients. If you are a hardcore weather enthusiast or if you have a business that is affected dramatically by weather you may want to check them out for yourself. They are a pay for service site but they are so worth the investment and you know they always have your back!

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