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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Random Thoughts From Netanya Israel on Weather, Music, Time and Rhyme.

Kind of amazing in that I'm closer to the Indian Ocean than the Atlantic.
Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea.
Dead Sea, Red Sea.
How did I get here?
Is this really me?
Everywhere I see ...
...there are orange trees....

Okay I'm not sure I'll rhyme that much here but this is definitely the time to wax poetic on the beauty of Israel especially from my vantage point in Netanya. First off Netanya is known as the Israeli Riviera and it lives up to that tourist tag. It is very Mediterranean in a California coastline way. There are flowers everywhere even in January on a cold day and the brightest oranges I've ever seen on trees laden with the most orange trees I've ever seen everywhere. I'm from Florida and I've lived in California so that says a lot. They median in the street and in the front yards are filled with citrus trees where people actually reach up, take a few and take them home. This is not Miami where someone may shoot you for grabbing a mango...

From my balcony I look down and see .....
.....either lemons, citrons or grapefruit trees.
The fruit are the flowers of Israel.

And there are a lot of flowers as well everywhere.
Plumeria trees without flowers because it's winter.
Faded hibiscus fighting to stay open despite the cold.
Even on the recycling bins there are flowers.
My son likes it my nephew does not.
It's sort of a contest who can add that last bottle?
Or maybe they guilt you into it...
Either way there's flowers there too!

Snapdragons recently planted.
Palm trees of every kind everywhere.
Okay no coconuts but all the others.
Date palms.
I had fresh dates with yogurt for breakfast!

And then you get to the beach....
The trees lean as the wind from the Mediterranean always blows...
.. a lot like Miami and the breeze from Biscayne Bay.

Does that not look like the Riveria?

Looks like a painting. 
Taken with my Note 5 seriously...

So really Israel is hard to explain.
So many people from so many places in one small nation.
Orthodox Jews, secular Jews.
Different traditions.
Druze Arabs fight in the Israeli army.
They are considered the best fighters.
It's just a big mish mash like a delicious stew.

Israel unfolds slowly like a rose bud.
Each petal opens and waits for the next.
Each moment, each place.
First the beach, then the plains.
Then the desert, then the mountains.
Then Jerusalem that feels like the Center of the World.
Arabs, Jews.
Where am I?

I'm a little bit everywhere.
But I'm here.
It does feel like home in a way.

Where ever you are there is family.
Friends coming and going.
I have at least a dozen Facebook friends here.
Real life friends from Miami NY and California.
Am In in NY or California or Israel?

And there's 770 Chabad headquarters in Israel.... 
...awkwardly amazing as if it picked itself up and landed in Israel.
Kind of like me right now.

Looks like a Mayan structure.
By the beach, by the hotels.
Somehow it looks perfectly normal.

It's warm today so enjoying it.
I prayed on the balcony that was so hot in the warm sun.
The sounds of the city below.
The aroma of the food being cooked for a party tonight.
The women have a party tonight for the bride.
It's not my custom so I'll see what it is when I see it.

Israel it's really not what you expect...

Great music too!

One of the most popular singers here... in NY too!

Beautiful video... 
...shows the mix of cultures, music, styles.

Nissim is awesome.
Story below tho just Wikipedia

Alex Clare studied at Aish here in Jerusalem.
Best known for the song "Too Close"
Also his relationship with Amy Winehouse but don't ask him on it.
Studies in Israel now and records music.

Lastly a CD my son produced is #1 
Well in those charts in Israel that relate to Orthodox Music.
Newest Single

Tell me what you need..............

Benny Friedman's new CD.
My son buying a copy in Israel.....
....of a CD he produced. Wild.
Here for his sister's wedding.
How cool is that?

A little plug here.
Great CD
Very popular in Israel and around the world.

Kind of amazing back in August had no idea I'd be here now.
Life is like that sometimes.
It surprises you in good ways.

May your life be filled with good surprises!

Will blog as time allows.
Wedding tomorrow night.
Beautiful couple.
Can't wait to dance.
Weddings here are wild dance wise...

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps....And have a lot of kids in transit for the wedding.
So a bit scattered and the house smells of a million more calories...
...for the Mikva Party tonight.... 

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