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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Updated! 3 Dead in Gatlinburg From Firess. Prayers For Rain Across the South. Dollywood Safe. Other Resorts Burned, Homes and Lives In Danger

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It's easy to see the force of the system that raced through Tennessee.
Hurricane Force Gusts whipped fires and caused devastation.

3 people have died in the fires as on 4 PM Tuesday.
Countless homes have been lost.
To post a number now belittles the true devastation.
This is a tragedy in process and far from over.

Dollywood is closed, but safe.

Another system is forecast to hit the area later in the week.
The weather forecast shows the ongoing dangers.

Worth noting a man was killed in Fayetteville today doing repairs after Matthew. Another reminder that a tragedy doesn't always have a neat ending in the way a hurricane makes landfall. The misery goes on and on. Often people are killed or hurt in the clean up process. And the process goes on and on and on...

In Raleigh it rained today. A slow, steady rain.
Warm rain actually. No sweater needed in late November.

In Israel they are thanking the many who helped fight the fires.
It's awesome to see how the world's nations can work together.
Note ground help from the Palestinian Authority was included.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

* * * 

There's photos on Twitter.
And online but less on air as the media continues with the political.

This is a huge fire and has long term ramifications.
There's a live link to coverage.

Besides Dollywood this is an area where many people vacation.
Whether is fall foliage now burned up, hiking, skiing, exploring.
Aside from the people who live there it's devastating.
It's also an area rich in forests, trees.
This will be a long term scar on the land.

There has been hope that rain may mitigate the disaster yet the same system that is carrying rain is also carrying high winds that whip the fire faster. 

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The tropics are on back burner today.

Keep praying for rain.
And for the fire fighters who are doing their best.

I'll update later today.
Watching the wind in Raleigh also.
Very windy, gusty and leaves are in the wind.
I've been in LA when fire is in the wind.
I can respect that power as many cannot.
Unless you are used to forest fires encroaching on homes...
...worrying on friends who live there.
You don't really know luckily what it is like.
It's a slow motion disaster.
It's not a Twister or a earthquake.
Disasters are disasters but...
...takes a while to put the fires out.


Besos BobbiStorm

Ps... Going to be a Hard Candy Christmas for many in Tennessee.

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