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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

GFS Conjures Up Epac Action... Time Will Tell. Cape Verde Waves Bigger, Better, Higher... Songs and Random Musing

sat_ir_enh_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

What am I watching?
Not a lot.
Two sides of a sagging frontal boundary.
One part is in the GOM..
...other part off the Carolinas.

Not much going on....
....but things will change soon.

The GFS finally stopped showing hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.
It seems to have taken it's show on the road to the Epac.

Could this happen?
60% chance in 5 days.

It's having problems....

sat_ir_enh_west_loop-12.gif (640×512)

If nothing develops someone really needs to read the GFS the riot act.

For now the GFS seems to be dreaming of Canes.

So that's the official story.

Oh ... waves by Africa... 

Look at that new wave...
...look how high it is... 
How RED it is with tinges of purple.

Purple in the distant Atlantic ...

Add in look at the high that currently takes up the Atlantic.
Anything that tries to develop is West Bound... for a long time.

But for now nothing is out there other than possibilities.

So I sit and stare at the NHC site....
... I keep hoping every six hours to see a yellow X.
No yellow X
Nope... Nada.

Just random thoughts on maps and weather.  The NHC map is suddenly bugging me. You know the big dark blue map on their main page that looks empty and naked without any yellow x or oranges Os. 

The dot over the o in "No" looks like a punctuation point!

Is that supposed to be Bermuda?

If you haven't grown up in the great city of Miami... may not understand this.

Nice shade of purple.

So if that's Bermuda... looks off.
Looks like NOEH!! NOEH!! NOEH!! 
Like they are putting an accent on the word NO!!
Watch the video above you'll understand..
Around 4 minutes in... 
...after the difference between bitch and beach become apparent.

I stare at the Great Lakes... 
I dream of Palm Trees.... 
Coconut palm trees...

IF there was a yellow X
I wouldn't be obsessing on Bermuda and the Great Lakes.
See what I mean?

Check back tomorrow and see if we have a yellow X.
Oh heck check back to see how that Cape Verde wave is doing.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter's post is a tribute to my friend Fishing :P

Yup vintage Johnny Cash

What did you expect me to put up here??


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