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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Yellow X off the Coast of FL - JAX area. Remants of an old frontal boundary . . .

The NHC is trying hard to stay on top of social media and keep people aware of whats happening in the tropics. They have gone to a new system which has a legend below to hopefully be more informative than a Zero % Yellow Circle.  X means "REMNANTS" specifically.

When you click on that image above you get taken to another image.

You can click on the next image and it shows you were this area might go IF it developed.
Sort of like a preliminary cone of maybe.

I kvetch a lot when I get annoyed at the NHC. I dislike the way they handle Hurricane Arthur. I like the way they have tried to get feedback to improve their website and I think this is a good idea. Lots of good ideas.

So..if something formed off shore of the coast of say Tybee Island or St. Marys... it would most likely go NE and parallel the coast the way Arthur was supposed to do or kind of did...depending on your perspective.

As for the Cape Verde Wave...they can dismiss it all they want but it's hauling West big time fast which may help it get through the Dust Zone intact. Time will tell..but it's a fighter.

The Stealth Sat like I like to call it shows the wave still alive and another one behind it.
Despite the SAL... the Waves have begun rolling off of Africa.
This season is not supposed to highlight development far out... 
...then again they made it sound like a dead season and... 
the 1st Named Hurricane of the 2014 Season
hit land as a CATEGORY 2 STORM.
we may need to take those models out and have a long talk with them...

Point of tonight's blog is to say....Keep Watching the Tropics.

Close in remains the favorable area.... sometimes a wave weak moves west and hits something close in that wants to twist and shout and when they hook up... we have rock and roll in the Atlantic.

As for the Outer Banks... and Arthur they are in the process of cleaning up and they want everyone to all back now you hear??? I may go this week. Maybe. Not sure.. 

In NYC tomorrow and then I'm heading back to North Carolina. Keep watching. I know I am...

Lastly, there is a reason they call it OBX and SOBX (for Southern Outer Banks) and that is the X marks the spot. Think pirate booty from sunken ships or X is where the Hurricanes hit? Or the X sound for "NKS" or you just decide which one you like ...but this is how we say it in NC. OBX ;) Nuff Said...

So as for damage from Arthur. On the Outer Banks it was mostly a tree trimmer storm and a lot of mopping up where here was some flooding.

Stay tuned.. the B storm is out there somewhere...

Besos Bobbi

Ps. I like the yellow X.


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