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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Watching the Tropics From Seattle

This is the view of my world this morning. 
It's a beautiful view and hard to see but that is Union Lake down there...
Seaplanes taking off, ships docked in the harbor and
a few Amazon buildings where my son is interning this summer.
He's working.. I'm playing with my daughter-in-law & the kids :)

I've been told the sun does come out.. and it's beautiful.
But for a girl who misses California this is dreamy, heavy, marine layer looking.
Speaking of layers.. I'm wearing my favorite winter clothes.
I left Raleigh after it hit 103 degrees on Monday..
last night here I slept with the windows open & it was in the 50s.
There is a Starbucks downstairs here by Dexter.. 
loving it.

As for the tropics. Nada much is going on ... 


Looking closer there are subtle possibilities...

There are still clouds in the Caribbean...  there is also still shear.

There is a tangle of convection near South Florida and the Bahamas and an ULL.

There is Cousin Sal showing off in the Atlantic.

Time will tell.

Again. lack of an "EARLY STORM" favors an average or busier season than the ones with early May June Hurricanes and then nothing much for the rest of the season. It's a statistic... sometimes you get a year like 1995 and it starts early and doesn't stop but...........that is the exception to the rule.

I'll post more later.. going out and about to see old friends today. Was on a old ship that was in the movie Tugboat Annie yesterday. Cute.

Yup, Seattle .. Up Close and Personal.

My daughter-in-law and I drove around last night watching the sun go down... S L O W L Y. This was taken around 10pm.. still some light in the sky. If people are Sleepless in Seattle it's because the sun sets so late ;)

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Yeah, will have to look thru old Seattle movies.


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