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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tropics on Simmer

Let's talk tropics... before anything else.
1. Large, huge high locked in place.
2. Waves over Africa coming off near Senegal..
3. Caribbean iffy...
4. Off of OBX is weather..

Any purple cluster in the Atlantic is worth noting because
a) it's my favorite color purple ;)
b) there is some small possibility ..ish

Basically tropics this week are on simmer. What that means is the "heat is on" but the soup ain't ready yet...

And...the heat is really on. The high is in place. The Cape Verde Season is firing off waves that are higher than normal and nicer than normal.. alas the SAL is as normal and sucking the moisture out of them faster than you can say "June too soon"

Where would they go IF they formed? Storms trace the high...

Taking graphics from a friend online and highlighting the path any Atlantic system would take..
Love his site ;)

 You can see what's over Africa as I type this far away in Seattle, Washington..

So for now it's happy cruising weather in the Caribbean. Note...something keeps trying to look like it wants to form and yet.. it doesn't. Until the shear straight out of the North relaxes...nothing is forming. The strength of the summer this week and if it will be a late summer or a short summer with an early winter is a big subject being discussed and argued currently by mets in the US. Many say we are ahead of schedule climo wise.. Something to think on...

On the other side of Planet Earth...

So there is an area up here in the mountains called "Hurricane Ridge" so of course I asked the sea captain of the "Ice Cream Boat Cruise" in Lake Union why it was called "Hurricane Ridge" if there are no hurricanes here. I thought perhaps some gold miner who left New Orleans named it that...

His response was logical and correct. Hurricane is not just the name for a storm, but a statement of wind speed. I still think some Southerner was involved but yes he is right. His ship is the "Fremont Avenue" but the kids all call it the Ice Cream Cruise as it is loaded up with an Ice Cream cooler. They also serve hot Chai Tea which when it's 60 degrees works for me ;)

More on this cruise later, but if you ever get to Seattle it's definitely worth the ride. Fun man, great little boat and nice friendly people on board.

My grand kids loved it.

Benny played Captain and Bella, who is love with the seaplanes here, pointed out the seaplane landing...every time she saw one... "look, look seaplane!!!" Understand this happens often as they are staying in those apartments that are clustered just above the lake...where the seaplanes land.

I loved the houseboats though I liked this one more than the infamous one. The Captain said they probably chose "that houseboat" as it has a wide big porch that allowed for easier filming. Makes sense... Either way I like this one more and it's beautiful boat docked up nearby.

How could you not love this place?

Be back in a bit... doing a lot today. 
They are very active kids (my son and daughter-in-law) and they are uber keeping me busy..

Besos Bobbi

Ps... again there is a cluster of weather off of OBX and that is typical for this time of year. Typical, not tropical but worth noting as early season storms often form off at the end of stalled out frontal boundaries.N

PPS.. no not playing songs from Sleepless in Seattle. I refuse. After that stupid song playing as I walked into the gift shop in the Aquarium.. I am not whistling any movie tunes any time soon...    :P

Got things to do today... up in the sky, down on the ground... busy day... chow ;)


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