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Friday, June 20, 2014

Small Yellow Dot 10%

There is a small circle painted in yellow off the coast of Florida on the NHC map...given a 10% chance of developing.

In the scheme of things it's really small... see

It has a weak pulse and historically systems blow up there just off the Cape as if they have been sniffing too many rocket fumes and swirl..

Sometimes... they become early subtropical systems and sometimes they don't.
Either way this is not the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane...
I'll be back later today with an update if it's chances rise...

I was here yesterday ...cute place called Twirl..

When  I say small swirl think of this small twirl ;)

Gotta go ...going to a boat ride round the bay or lake or sound ..
whatever it's called here

Be back later..

Check back with for all your updates
I know I'll be checking from the boat...

Besos  Bobbi
Ps...Small swirl...small post ;)


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