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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The U Wins Big in NC & Goes 6-0. Football Canes Are HOT.. weatherwise not so hot...

On an almost balmy night in North Carolina The U beat UNC to go 6 - 0!

First time since 2004 which was a tropically active year in the Atlantic and the last time that UM Miami Hurricanes were 6-0 at the start of the season.

TC Activity

The front page of the NHC is wrong tonight... there are tropical cyclones and they are celebrating in NC tonight. Big win. Hard fought win for a team that threw everything they had at UM in an attempt on National Television to turn things around and show what they had... and they did...they played their hearts out. And, in a heartbreaking came for Chapel Hill fans... they lost at the end of the 4th quarter when Miami scored with less than 20 seconds on the clock.

Not Miami's best night... they made mistakes ... but they hung in there and they showed what it means to be winners and a Top Ten Team. In the end they found a way to win..and THAT is what Football is all about whether it's High School, College or NFL Football.

I grew up watching football. In fact it's one of my earliest memories. I sat with my Uncle and watched UF games on his big new color TV that was bought just to watch football games on..  Well, we used it for other things, but really no one cared about watching Gunsmoke and Petticoat Junction in color. But Football in color was... larger than life... big green field wearing their colorful uniforms.

My father and I would watch UM Games...on those rare occasions they were on TV or had a chance at beating Wake Forest. Took years for them to beat UF and when they did beat them on a regular basis we were suddenly, somehow removed from their schedule.. Hmnnnn.

Yup, that's me...divided loyalties and loving both of them.

And, it occurs to me I may have originally loved hurricanes because I loved the UM Hurricanes.

What is in a name after all?

Well, UM's team was named the Hurricanes after the Hurricane that almost destroyed Miami in 1926 the year that UM was born. Their iconic mascot was named for the bird that is the last bird to leave before a hurricane and the first to return.. the IBIS.

You see it's a legacy... you go on... you Category 4 Hurricane stops a University from opening and it didn't stop Miami from becoming one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

William Jennings Bryan credited with idea of creating a "Pan American University" in Miami
December 18: George Merrick announces Coral Gables will become "Miami’s University suburb."
April 8: University obtains charter to operate.
First Board of Regents selects campus site.
Cornerstone is laid for Merrick building February 4
$8 million pledges raised, George Merrick gives 160 acres
Uncompleted Anastasia Building leased for temporary use
Devastating hurricane hits Miami in mid-September
First student registers on October 15
First faculty meeting held October 15
First student assembly is convened on October 18
Classes begin in the hurriedly renovated Anastasia Building or "cardboard college"
Classes offered through College of Liberal Arts and School of Music
First football team defeats Rollins College 7-0

Miami Beach..across the Bay was named the 5th Best City to live in the USA.

Miami Beach in 1926 after the Hurricane...

Miami Beach Rebuilt...better than ever and getting better every day...

By the way the house I lived in is just beyond the left of the middle of this picture about a block of the picture... that's my world..

And................tonight The U made us all proud.

Miami has an intensifying Hurricane tonight... and they are called the Canes and the Canes are 6-0!

Sweet Tropical Hurricane Dreams..oh and the Red Sox won too... really Sweet Dreams!

Ps...Great pic at the top. Alfred Spellman put it up on Twitter and Instagram. Doubt he'll mind me using it.

Great production from Rakontur  ...  enjoy :)


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