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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The L Storm. Is Invest 98 Lorenzo or is this Lucy, Charlie Brown and the Football??

Invest 98L has a 50% chance of forming ... reality it looks like higher odds...
it looks like it wants to be the L Storm.

It has a lot going against it. 

CLIMO says the Eastern Atlantic should be shut down...
Dry Air..
2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season itself...

It's not that Invest 98 doesn't look really good. It just has the feel of a Lucy and  Charlie Brown afternoon in late October. Lucy begs him to kick the ball. Charlie Brown has been there.. doesn't want to, doesn't trust Lucy. 

"Come on Charlie Brown, just trust me!!! Kick the ball!!!"

No he thinks to himself, I'm not falling for that again he thinks with a worried sad look and a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach"

"I don't think so Lucky, you're just going to grab the ball away again!!!" Thinking his already bruised butt is going to be a lot more sore and bruised and there is no way he is kicking that ball.

"Charlie Brown, I've changed. I went to Rehab and Anger Management Classes. I got an award for my progress. Honest, Charlie Brown just kick the ball."

"No Lucy, I don't think so..."

"Charlie Brown, it's a NEW MONTH!! It's October!! Just give me one more chance!!!"

Charlie Brown backs up thinking this is a bad idea, but he really, really, really wants to believe she will let him kick that ball and......................... Lucy grabs it away.

 He has another broken ego and butt that is now more black and blue than it was before and Lucy laughs and runs away with the football leaving him lying there on the ground feeling like a fool...

If Charlie Brown was a tropical meteorologist he would need a good shrink after this season...

Maybe next year he will chase earthquakes or stake out volcanoes or go hunting in the Wyoming Hills for gold after watching that episode on TWC. He is sure he needs to go to Tropical Storm Chases Anonymous. Maybe meet a cute red headed girl who likes rocks and they will study geology.

Maybe this will become the L storm, but if so it's name will be Lorenzo not Lucy and it will most likely be a fish storm.

The little red headed girl will have to hide his phone in her purse and take away his screen name to save him from looking at the models that will give him a moment of "maybe" before having those hopes dashed in the North Atlantic.

Or this model... which allows for hope that maybe it will make it across the ocean and..........

...............but Lucy is holding her TWC Winter Trading Card Names behind her back...

Cleon hahaha maybe Cleon will run away with Lorenzo in the North Atlantic..

Tropical Storm chasing this year is not for sissies... it's a hard knock life for those of us that know what ACE means and want to chase storms or track them for days across the Atlantic.

Keep watching...the drama plays out...

Besos Bobbi
Ps word has it that Charlie Brown and Annie end up quite happy living in Long Island, out near Montauk and rarely going into the city. They grow vegetables in their garden in the summer and take long trips on their sailboat to Bermuda. Lucy does not have their address ;) and can't find it even though she hired a private eye to stalk them across the Internet. Who knew Charlie Brown's sister Sally would end up being so loyal to him??? Yup, happily ever after.


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