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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Raymond, Francisco, MJO Moving East into Carib... Talledega, UM, Football...Fall

Quiet Sunday in the tropics if you are looking at the Atlantic Basin.

In the Far Pacific Francisco is a beauty of a storm..dangerous and deadly but oh so pretty from far away.

One of my favorite names Francisco.. rolls across the tongue so beautifully. Sort of like Talledega does. Has a romance to it just by the way it sounds... steals your heart in ways.

And, Francisco is taking on Tokyo as a weaker version of it's previous beautiful self. Such is life... we all age and hurricanes and cyclones have short lives.

But  memorable lives like Wilma...which I remember well.

Amazing October Hurricane...Classic Cane...

There is a strong chance that something WEAK will develop in the Caribbean in about ten days time. Small chance that something could develop from the ULL in the Atlantic, but it most likely would not be tropical so all the big money is on the MJO and about a week or so watching the models again.

The MJO is taking it's slow time moving East and so far it is kicking up the Epac where Raymond recently formed and is doing Mexico.

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

It's the last chance saloon for the Atlantic Hurricane Season when the MJO arrives into a climatological active area such as the Caribbean. Anything forming should move NE out to sea or even ENE because this is more like a November pattern than an October pattern.

Fall is in the air. Football and NASCAR and going for long drives into the country looking for fall color or good food and spirits.

I'm not going to sit around today and watch the FINS. I'll watch them on my Twitter Feed where ever I am.

Happy that UM won and Ole Miss played it's heart out last night. I want Bo Wallace playing for the fins one day...that guy has heart and doesn't give up. LSU lost, Clemson lost and UM should be going up in the polls.

Again...............loving The U this year and the way they are playing.

Cannot say it again and again enough............would love to see UM be #1 again. Forget the Gipper, do it for my Daddy...

And...on the baseball front...Red Sox in the World Series! Smiling beyond words and may wear my Red Sox charm in Miami just remembered something. Same time another year, boy did we have fun in an odd funny dance the conga way with tambourines :)

Cannot wait to be home in Miami... counting down the days...the hours... Home Sweet Tropical Home!
If that doesn't stir up the tropics I don't know what will ;)

Guessing she was up north somewhere...we don't wear coats like that in Miami.. not even in the 80s.. tho we do where boots with mini skirts and short sleeve tee shirts!!

If you really have no life and no interests and want to watch TWC all day...go for it. Cannot deal with their taped segments they play over and over hawking the end of the world and dumbing down weather..

"What if a F4 Tornado hits Washington DC?? It could happen to YOU!!"

Seriously we don't have enough problems in the world to worry on???

Nope..going out to play today... will worry on the tropics tomorrow.

As for when the Atlantic will ...if ever again this season percolate?

Besos Bobbi... Proud Member of the Red Sox Nation :)


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