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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Quiet Day on Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew in Miami

A small sliver of a possibility of development. In REALITY it is more rain for areas along the Gulf Coast that have been getting way too much rain.

A beautiful wave is in the far, distant Eastern Atlantic that has NO circle. Want to explain that one?

What can I say? On the anniversary of Hurricane Andrew...there is nothing anywhere threatening any place go figure.

I sat today at Bayside staring at this beautiful city I love so much that sits just at the edge of Biscayne Bay and it's beautiful and has survived the 1926 Hurricane... Donna, Betsy and Andrew.

I sat today at the canteen at Miami Dade College talking to Dr.Paul George Miami's real Historian. He spoke softly on his early memories as a young man boarding up the house for Hurricane Donna. He spoke on going to the ocean and watching the waves...   I smiled and told him the old saying "no one ever forgets their first hurricane" and he laughed. Everyone has their first hurricane that they look back on. For many that hurricane was Andrew.

I'll be back Saturday Night at some point. Here in Miami helping a close friend get remarried and move to Arizona. I promised her NO hurricanes on August 25th in Miami. This may be my fault :) that I have nothing to write on and you have nothing to read on other than Andrew memories and my love for Miami.

Be back Saturday Night or Sunday Morning.

Sweet Tropical Dreams and here's to memories...

Bobbi Storm


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