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Friday, June 22, 2012

No Debby Yet

Short for time and nothing really to add ... other than two words:

Not Yet.

That's it. Not yet and not sure what will be with this system... again I think it's the name Debby... makes forecasters want to pull their hair out.

Tracks well.

Lastly, the models for days were showing this crossing Florida as a weak system, forming off the East Coast of Florida... one even had it racing up the Eastern Seaboard... some out to sea.

1. It reforms and pulls itself together to the west of where it is and wanders west.

2. It gets caught up in the Jet Stream, wanders towards South Florida..Central Florida, Tampa. A new front will come down after this one falls apart.... and that could scoop it up.

Depends on where the center is WHEN it forms. Meanwhile, water is piling up on the West Coast of Florida and they are waterlogged and messy already. Same with the Northern Gulf...

So...bottom line, no Debby yet....................

Besos Bobbi


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