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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Wave Watching on July 4th... Epac Gets Agatha & Blas ... Waiting on Earl Still. Songs, Musing on Memories

latest_ir_loop.gif (535×440)

Crazy West to East line at 40 N.
Wave and ULL interacting in the Caribbean
New wave moving West bound .. No Name Wave it's called 

No I didn't make that up...

Mystery Feature on the Floater Satellite Imagery

vis_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Note the use of the word "significant"

The NHC does write about the various waves..
It mentions there's no "significant" deep convection regarding the newest wave.

That sort of means:
"yeah we see it but it's not significant"
Got it?

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

(Convection with red has no model support...
...if a wave develops without model support does it get attention?)

Let's look at the big picture....
.... that's a big ITCZ.
Stretches from Africa to the Pacific 

And the Epac finally has it's storms.
Count 2 weeks til Atlantic gets busy.

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

No real spinning going on but the flow is solid.
Low but solid. Westbound.
Low moisture flows have their own inherent problems.
Low suppressed wave trains rule out fish storms from forming.
That area of almost significant convection by Hispaniola is noticeable.
It's racing along following the Upper Level Low as waves often do.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Hispaniola is getting some significant rain.

You can make out the ULL over Cuba.
The localized every day rain over South Florida.

We are supposed to not be thinking on the Atlantic Basic as there is nothing officially there and July 4th Weekend has a green light for spending money at the beach or whatever you favorite resort is if it's adjacent to the Atlantic Tropical Basin you are free from tropical worries. That will not last forever so enjoy your local haunts as Earl will eventually show his face or eye somewhere. Okay maybe Earl will be another Earl dud and Fiona will be the one with the eye... time will tell.

Persistent purple bubbles in the Atlantic there.
Also note in the bottom grid colors move into the Atlantic Basin.
The same meteorological factors that produced two systems in the Epac..
...are coming to the Caribbean and Atlantic Basin in a few weeks.

As I'm being nostalgic today... 
Check out this link.

Oldie but still a goldie.
Fun to watch.
So many new and old links.

I'll update this blog later today if something changes.d
If the NHC puts a 10 or zero percent yellow circle.
But without model support I doubt it.
They are busy in the Epac.. but I'll update as needed.
So check back once in a while just in case..


The rest of this blog is what I call .. musings.
Enjoy if you are interested in my messy memories.

So it's the 4th of July and for some reason that makes me nostalgic. Why I'm not sure my family never did much. My mother let me go outside and use sparklers on the lawn with my baby brothers while neighborhood kids whose family went "up to South Carolina" shot off big fire works. There's a reason movies like Smokey and the Bandit exist. People were always running up to ____ for this or that to to run off and get married at fifteen. Miami in the old days was more Southern than Caribbean or a good mix of both.

My uncle took us to the Orange Bowl once in Miami when I was really little. I mean not for a football game.. a rodeo and a July 4th celebration. I remember that fondly... though I probably remember the Rodeo way better than the fireworks. Fireworks happen more often than watching a real rodeo.

July 4th brought old friends home to town and then they'd leave but not after making memories.

I had a best friend growing up in High School who used to make July 4th parties and then reunions for a while. Never knew who you'd run into or who you'd go home with .... (never end a sentence with a preposition unless ya have to..) Eventually we had sort of Big Chill type parties when we were grown up and knew who we were going home with at that point in life.

My sister in law and my ex husband oddly loved sitting in the living room watching the Boston Pops with the fireworks. They weren't that into Boston, but they loved Arthur Fiedler's show and the fireworks over the harbor. Note we lived a few blocks from the Fountainbleau in Miami Beach and the kids would stand outside watching private, wild firework shows from the hotel running back and forth to tell them to come watch... but they enjoyed the show on TV. Not always but usually. In LA we went to the Hollywood Bowl once and watched an another iconic show... that was memorable. If course all I remember beyond the spinning fireworks on stage was Perrier everywhere.. It was the 80s. The spinning fireworks look a lot like hurricanes. You can judge for yourself...

There's the wanna be hippy or maybe she is a hippy roaming around Vermont with her baby and husband at Rainbow and if you don't know what Rainbow is.. it's what you think it is most likely.

I get the "peace" part but not the camping on a mountain.
Camping on a mountain to me is Days Inn vs the Ritz.

I do remember an inspiring July 4th on a Golf Course in St. Paul one summer.
I wondered on what it was to have winter dreams in the middle of the summer.
Nothing like lying on a blanket staring up at the sky in the dead of summer.
I did mention summer 3 times you know why?
Cause July 4th somehow bookmarks the summertime.
Now days schools start in late August.
On Tuesday Kmart, Walmart and all the marts will have clearance sales...
..on July 4th decorations.
Here today...gone tomorrow.
Enjoy it while you got it!

Sorry but anyone dancing in the rain gets my attention ;)

So my Millennial son who isn't a hippy chasing rainbows ...if he isn't working the Justin Bieber concert at the Arena could be listening to Panic at the Disco...who knows. He dances in the rain indoors. Sort of wild even though I'm not a big fan but from what I saw... wow. As long as they both stay out of fast cars on Pine Tree Drive I'm fine.

Again not everyone is into the Boston Pops..

For me I'd like to be by the water but I'm not.
Maybe a BBQ steak and some wine.
Yeah wine not beer but who knows?

My drug of choice ;)

Different strokes for different folks so if this is your cup of tea... Here's the Boston July 4th Party.

Supposedly if you click this link later it's a live feed.
If it's raining outside and you're bored.

As the Epac is on fire today, enjoy the fireworks and party hardy on our side of the basin. If you are in Charleston this weekend...enjoy the show.

Wherever you are enjoy July 4th.
If you are have some color on the map near you.
Check it out and act accordingly... 
Knowledge is power.
Stay home and watch a live link ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... my favorite July 4th song..


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