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Friday, July 01, 2016

July 4th Weekend. Tropics Quiet in Atlantic. Epac Tries to Get a Named Storm. Heavy Possible in Some Places Again..

Officially nothing is going on in the tropics this weekend.
That's the "official" bottom line from the NHC
And I'll agree the beach towns got a July 4th Weekend.

I do want to say there are some weather risks... 

Today this area is at risk of heavy rain and flooding.

Further down the road over the next 5 days watch that color grow.

So if you are in any of those colorful blue, orange or purple area..
Plan accordingly. 
Stay in touch with your local weather service.

Looking at our beautiful spinning world below.
Okay the atmosphere is spinning, swirling.
Fronts trying to move South still
Old fronts colliding in the Atlantic with big beautiful ULL
West bound tropical waves in Atlantic and Epac

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

The loop above shows the impulses moving West across the Atlantic.
We are not ready for those to develop yet but they are fun to watch.
Keep in mind after the holidays one of them will develop at some point.

It shows the Epac trying desperately to get a named storm.

If not now when?
Note how clear the SW Caribbean is...
Remember when the models were predicting trouble?
Models are off...  

Note those 2 circles of possibilities is with MJO in the area.
Real drought of tropical systems in the Epac...
...sign of a building La Nina.
I'm not a big believer in "Neutral"

The lead wave flares up at the top axis of the wave.
As the bottom of the wave moves towards South America.
The islands are going to get some much needed rain.

You can see this moisture surge moving West in the loop below

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Some squally weather in the Gulf of Mexico
There is always squally weather in the Gulf of Mexico this time of year.

But there is a tail end of an old dead frontal boundary.
We always watch them...
...they take a while to percolate.
Note the frontal boundary died.
The temperatures in the SE are running way higher than models showed.
Models are not handling this flip over time as El Nino goes away.
That's my personally feeling based on facts.
We've had the same set up the last few years.
That set up is hitting the road like most Americans this July 4th...
Many prefer driving to flying these days...
...gas is relatively cheap.
Take the car with you.. you know.

It's July 4th Weekend.
So much to think on and so much you may want to do...
...or not. You may want to just hang out at home and celebrate.

It's July 4th Weekend...
..a time like the song goes.
Let's call it a day and celebrate the USA!

Different styles of celebrating 

(That's my brother hiking with my son at Franklin Falls..
...he's in Seattle for July 4th.

I'm in NC this year not Miami.

I may go to the Works downtown where they have...
food tent... concerts
or stay home in the pool.
Time Will Tell.

So while you are out enjoying the National Parks...
...or at some festival up in Vermont...
Up in the mountains or down home with your family...
Seeing beautiful beaches from sea to shining sea..
While eating hot dogs and BBQ or maybe just pizza or sushi...
Different food for different folks that make up this great country.
Watching fireworks light up the sky...
Stay focused on why we celebrate July 4th


Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... next week I will speak about the Algae bloom in Florida.
Not very red white and blue very green and not in a good way.
I'll also speak on increased chances for tropical development as we move through July.
But for now... enjoy the or whatever you enjoy!

Old school Jimmy below...
I remember a July 4th years ago


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