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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

UPDATED! 40% INVEST 96L Forms Near Africa. Cape Verde Wave Now Orange Circle from NHC. Are You Ready For the Hurricane Season?

Orange Circle. 
40% Chances in 5 days.

Some interesting information posted by Levi Cowan

You might want to Google: Kelvin Waves.

Could help this Invest down the road.

Note down the road in the Bahamas things could get wild.
Or it develops fast and becomes a fish storm.
Or it could simply fade away..

ft0-lalo.gif (720×480)

It's just an "Invest" not a named storm.

Far Away. 
Other end of the world.
But could be coming this way...

Some directional models ...
...and intensity models.

Keep watching.

I'll be back with more discussion later.
So check back...
And read below as it all still applies

* * *

No this is not a test, this is real.
20% Yellow Circle.
It's really a 2 for 1 sort of yellow circle.
It covers a large area.
Elliptical. Like a banana.

It's name is currently:
Invest 96L

ATLANTIC INVEST ... Go figure.

Satellite imagery below:

Close up of the area shows the wicked dust monster upper left corner.
Nice structure for a July Cape Verde Wave.
Oh my goodness... 
What's that red dot behind it still over Africa.
There's more to come... 

Or as my crazy lovable friend says....

So let's talk about this Invest.
Official line from the NHC.


This is real, not a test!
And, no I have not lost my mind..

Yes SAL is still there.
It's still July.
August tho is just around the corner...

All the fence sitters are sitting around going...
"I'm not gonna fall for this..."
"Gonna bite the dust"
"Only 20%"

Well actually the dust is gonna bite into Invest 96L
(I love saying that.. Invest 96L)

Are you ready for the hurricane season?
Cause the hurricane season may be ready for prime time.
This might be a test or a heads up but we be getting closer.

You're wondering on models?

Of course you are...
Well, it's not going East or SE or North.
Westboundish for now.

That image above is from

You know the drill.
Develops fast (doubtful) it's a fish storm.
Hangs in there it stays low and gets further West..
And that is IF it forms....

Let's do a close up of this INVEST 96L
(love saying that..)

IF this Invest makes it.
It will be because it attaches to the energy below.
Southern part of the Invest can soak up moisture.
That anchors it a bit and fights the shear above to the North.

Then again some early models pull it NW.. above obviously...

Spoiler Alert... Some don't pull it up into the Atlantic.

If you wonder why they jumped on this train fast...
The train is barely pulling out of the station...

Hard not to and again note the SPACING between waves behind it.
Why is this important?
It gives a chance for each wave to develop on it's own.
Some years they are so close they run into each other..
Some years...they sort of suck each other up into a messy wave.
Multiple centers competing, it gets ugly.
When you have nice, viable, individual waves like this...
You got more to work with for development.
If they can battle the various opponents. 
Shear, Dry Air, Low Water Temperatures.. 

It's not that easy to get a Hurricane Spinning.
But when they do... watch out.
Are you really ready?

I'm ready...
I'm also ready for the some football.
Cape Verde Season bleeds into NFL Football Season.

Stay tuned. I'll update today in real time as warranted. 
Especially if I need to say Invest 96L again and again ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps The Water Vapor Loop below.
Remember we watch the Water Vapor Loop because... shows us where any named storm will go.
Shows us the steering currents. 
Almost as good as the various competing models.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)


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