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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tropical Waves in a Sea of High Dry Weather. SAL. #Cantore30 30 Years on the Weather Channel

There's a tropical wave just South of the Cape Verde Islands.
Like the last low running wave it maintains by staying low.
Won't maintain forever but for now it is there.
Note it is early for a Cape Verde Wave to be viable.
Early because all the gremlins that destroy them are present.
Dry air.
Huge High.

Sort of dry + dry + dry = Super Dry Atlantic.

I'm not trying to be negative just honest.
But it is there.

And it doesn't look too favorable for a while.
And that is totally normal.

Phil Klotzbach knows weather, hurricanes and climo.

2004 busy season.
Everything West bound..
Some fish storms. 
Some loopers.
Some Florida storms.

First Atlantic storm didn't form until August 1st.

Note the list below. Busy list.

See August is when things really begin most years.
And we say remember September because that's the real game.
Many years get busy Octobers before it's all over.

Yes this is one of the biggest highs I've seen in a long time.
Cantore mentioned it this morning.

The problem with big, huge high pressure systems is:

When the dust modifies which it always does... 
The machine is in place to send the tropical waves WEST.
Few can escape or get away in such years.
Usually there is a break in the high later and fish storms develop.
But they become the exception not the rule in such years.

Along with a large high or multiple highs is hot, dry weather.

Look at that wind map.
Look at the South East.
Barely any air moving.
Hot, dry and exhausting.

Reminds me of this song.
Also reminds me of my son ..thanks Shuky.

Starting off at 9 AM in the high 80s in some places.
Okay that's a heat index but that's what it really feels like.

In theory the one below will show in real time.

usheat.gif (640×480)

Let's see how that works out.

Best place to be today would be in Aspen.. Colorado.

I thought of that as I have a son there today.
Yeah my life chasing my sons on the internet :)
At least I don't have to clean up after the parties anymore.

Note there is a wave over Africa. 
It hasn't emerged yet.
Lots of luck.

You never know and that's why we love weather.

Speaking of loving weather.
Today seems to be the 30th Anniversary of Jim Cantore on TWC.

Yes .. Jim is an original.
Trust me I know.

So... will wish him Congratulations here.
Really should wish TWC congratulations for grabbing him.
He is their franchise quarterback. 
He's why people watch.

And there's a whole genre of music dedicated to him online..

Note Lauren did say "Not during hurricane season..."

Thanks Jim ...for all the memories ;)
From me to you!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... send him your love today at #Cantore30
@JimCantore on Twitter


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