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Monday, July 18, 2016

Tropics. HEAT DOME!! Shopping for Gowns while Remembering September when CLIMO Turns on the Hurricanes.

This is the tropics on Monday morning.
The 3rd week of July.
Tropics often begin to show signs of life about now.
Weak waves that are not viable appear.
And almost on cue we have a few.

Note the wave NE of PR.
It appears out of nowhere.
In reality it appears out of the cloud that was SAL.
How it got there is worth a curious look.
The typical low rider headed towards South America.
Spoiler alert.. on rare occasions those waves lift wNw and miss SA
Some moisture dotting the Caribbean.

Compare and contrast to last week when there was not a cloud in sight.
In motion you can see this blue ballet come to life.

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

Looking at the world as a whole the tropics are busy.
The Atlantic seems to be taking it's July vacation.

Just so you know it's only our basin that's quiet.
But all quiet on the Western Front is not necessarily good.
It's good today but things change come September.
August will really show us where we are headed.

So explaining the PR wave.
It's being enhanced by a nearby Upper Level Low.
That's the way the dances goes in the tropics usually.

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

See the spin to it's NW as it cruises along below.
East Caribbean has it's shear shield up as always.

Let's look at Africa.
Africa is purple.
A pretty shade actually.

Pretty gown.

I tried it on.
I love it.
But a bit drab.
If it was only it had the intensity ...
...of the purple of the Saharan Desert.
I'd love it more.

Bad pic of me in my office.
Not so bad... blurry the way I like it ;)
I'm making that frown like...
"I don't think this pic is gonna come out"
Sort of how that wave in the Caribbean probably feels.
Fun dress... might wear it.

Style beautiful.
Fits my body well.
Can't tell on the color.
Lacks intensity.

See this is intensity color wise.
Not so wild on but tropical green.

And see that is the point here.

Green is fun.
Shiny taffeta, yards of fabric.
Pockets for my cell phone.
Can't decide.
Doesn't photograph well here.
Crap is that Miami Dolphin Teal?

Thinking out loud in real time here.

I like purple but I like passionate purple.
Not dusty waves purple... 
So many decisions while bored in the tropics.
Gown shopping for September Remember wedding in Miami.
Son's getting married to a girl whose a cross between
A mermaid and a dolphin.
A Neptunian dream.

Playing at the beach for photos.
"Remember the date" photo.
Remember September.

(She likes the green...)

There is a lack of real tropical moisture over Africa.

Again let's look at that close up shown above of Africa.

Passionate, intense purple over Africa.
Pink, purple, dramatic color.
Dry, dry, dry air.
Sucking all the moisture out of the waves...
So far...
And I say that as over the next week or two ...
The quality of the waves should improve.

This is the Pacific that is very active right now.

Look at all that color.

I do love blue but blue is not good on this satellite.

One small pop up renegade tropical wave.
One Mid Atlantic Tropical Wave.
Small convection in the Epac.

So the theme here is this..
BobbiStorm's Bottom Line in the tropics.

This is a matter of climo.
Long hot summers are often broken by wet tropical storms.
That is the purpose of hurricanes.
They move energy around the planet.
From the equator up towards the poles.
Many a huge heat wave was broken by tropical weather.
In it's own time.
In it's season.

Walt Whitman knew seasons.

Hey you can go to any weather blog and get model discussion.
But they are all alas quiet right now.
Know why?
Cause there's not much to talk about.
The models are silent.
The models are silent like a clam shell.
Refusing to open up and show us the viable waves.
And the waves are waiting for climo to say "yes"
Like a coy lass who isn't ready to say "yes"

Hey not much tropically speaking but..
..I can do Meyer Family drama and English Lessons ;)
Poetry is all about weather you know...

Come September.

So what is the word for July?

Turn on any weather show today and you hear...


What is a HEAT DOME you ask?

Many are asking online too....
..don't feel bad it's not just you.
You look up from your Pokemon search and think...


It's a Heat Wave darling..
Remember the song .. 
Tropical Heat Wave.

Seems the term "WAVE" isn't popular this year.
Alas... no tropical waves, no heat waves.

Seems they had to up the ante with a new term.
HEAT DOME is last year's FIRE HOSE.

Sort of weather goes Stephen King ...


He filmed that in North Carolina NOT Maine.
Guess he's likes lurking around here these days.
Hope his filming playground down near Southport ..
Doesn't get slammed by a Hurricane this year...
He may have to find a new place to film for a while.
Til the tall pines grow back..

"We live in a dome. Planet Earth is a dome"
Now we have a HEAT DOME...

When the truck hits the dome....
Sounds like summer to me....
A hot, long summer....

The weather report as Marilyn says ... 
...used to be about a hot, tropical heat wave.

Now we have a HEAT DOME.

Keep a water bottle handy.
Bottles may be bad for the environment.
But let's it slide this week.

The way to fight a HEAT DOME...
is to stay hydrated, stay inside.
Be like a Millenial.
Shop online, work online, watch NetFlix ;)

Stay cool.

Remember September.
And check back here if that renegade wave flares up...
Or the one in the Central Atlantic might surprise the models..
Briefly... before losing it to the shield of the HEAT DOME.

Besos BobbiStorm
Ps Keep watching... climo is like the song below.
To everything there is a season

Pps for Fishing...
Yes I did post all this ;)
Must be the Heat Dome getting to my mind...


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