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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tropical Depression Barbara Still Alive... Fasten Your Seatbelts... 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season is going to be Crazy!


Will the first tropical system of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season be a Sequel to Hurricane Barbara? Hard to say but the way this year has gone weather wise.... anything goes and everything is possible! In a year where snow is in the forecast for Wyoming in the first week of June and the Twister season started late and with a vengeance after Winter came late... who can say what mischief Barbara will brew up in the Gulf of Mexico?

Currently, the forecast for the slow moving Tropical Depression Barbara is for her to linger and cling to the coastline and then move back in for a second landfall. Hard to say for sure... had she not slowed down the chance for her being Barbara in the Atlantic Basin would have been better.

This is the updated 11 AM Track for Tropical Depression BARBARA :) which you will note does emerge possibly over the Gulf depending on the track. The Gulf of Mexico is IN the Atlantic Basin and the "cone" is partially in the Atlantic so it's a matter of watch and wait... but either way she is being watched by the Atlantic Sats and the NHC as a possible Atlantic System..

Hey this is as close as it gets to me having a storm named my name. I rarely ever use Barbara as it's my given name but really.............been Bobbi forever.................but I'll take it!!

This image below seems to imply that her circulation center is in the Gulf and her convection is still to the south over land. Some people call that decoupled, however I think it's more a matter of a weak tropical depression trying to grab moisture anywhere she can...

Check out the visible...shows her circulation IS in the Gulf of Mexico...

That's pretty definitive by my book...for a visible. But.. I'm not making up the rules... 

Official word from NHC is ... close by no cigar yet but close........

Tropical Depression BARBARA RSS Feed iconSatellite | Buoys | NDFD | Storm Archive

So now what?

Models show something might be developing down the road in the general area that could be from Barbara..............or from another area to the south... and could be a problem for NW Florida maybe... a real big maybe.

Let's take a look..........................

Enh Infrared Satellite - GOES East 12 hr Loop

You can see the mess off the East Coast of Florida which is not tropical and an area in the SW Carib that has been lingering. And, you can see the convection from Barbara playing peek a boo on either side of Mexico. Sort of like a girl in a Mall and she can't decide whether to go to to Victoria Secrets or the Pink Victoria Secrets Store... the clothing or the beauty supplies... so many decisions...what's a girl to do???

Energy aka Orange Juice Loop as we used to call it online...

I don't want to get too into the model discussion as it's too far out and too unclear.. sort of sketchy, like a guy trying to come on to a girl in a Country Western Bar telling her he loves her boots and she's wearing red high heels.......   I'll deal with the models tomorrow.

For now... Barbara is swimming in both basins and only time will tell if she gets the name Barbara in the Atlantic before Andrea even gets a chance to try out for an audition.

Been a crazy year and it's getting crazier and am thinking 2014 may be just as crazy... back to back seasons of crazy do exist in the tropics.

For Twister Chasers...........going to be a hot day out on the Plains..

And for those Cape Verde fanatics (and who isn't???) why is there a purple circle there NOW?

Hmmmmmnnn ... buckle your seatbelts.... 2013 is going to be a busy, crazy year in the tropics!

Mind you nothing should be there in May..............

Be back later... keep watching.

It's like Santa Claus came early this year for hurricane trackers and chasers... welcome to the unofficial start of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season.............

Sweet Tropical Dreams


Ps......if anyone has any Lemon Lime Kampai tea leftover from Teavana... it goes really well with a drop of Honey Bourbon... just saying........   ;)


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