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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barbara's Center in the Gulf... what will the NHC do?

20130530.1815.goes14.x.vis1km_high.02EBARBARA.25kts-1004mb-184N-949W.100pc.jpg image

That's amazing.

The cone from the NHC has moved also further into the Gulf of Mexico... or BOC whichever you think of it as...

This is the last discussion from Pasch/Landsea.

 Both great forecasters though together it sounds like they are selling tropical styled sun glasses..or aqua blue contacts :)

The last several model runs have shown every city from Nola to Tampa to being "under the gun" of a possible system. I think we should wait until the models stop fantasizing and see what we will see.

Stay tuned...



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