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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

So Do We Call "IT" Athena or Not?

"Weather Channel names nor'easter, National Weather Service says not so fast  "

As we segue from Tropical Storms to Snow Storms I thought it would be good to put up some sites to link to for snow totals and observations.

Note the use of the name ATHENA by TWC...  it has caught on by the way on Twitter where people are using the hashtag #Athena.

The NWS might not like it, but seems the people like it... is that like losing the Electoral Vote and winning the popular vote?

1-2" per hour snowfall rates in extreme se NY, CT, into w MA. Could get 8-10" or more in higher elevations 
For 1st time today, Central Park now officially reports heavy snow with 1/4 mile visibility. Radar:  
Track the elevated water levels as they happen along the Northeast Coast. This is an important tool... 
RT : Dune building in the snow in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ thus afternoon.  
Airlines cancel 1,200 flights as nor'easter approaches 

Another great map on Spaghetti Models is:

Then again the blue on the USA Radar map just about says it all...

It doesn't say Democrat... it says WINTER is here and winter is here to stay...

Sort of humorous to see this on the Twitter Feed from Fox ... mind you they used the hashtag #Athena to post the response from the Weather Service on

Weather Channel names nor'easter, National Weather Service says not so fast  

Come on that is ironic...

Read their disclaimer on this link... or go to Twitter ... Hashtag: #Athena

Besos Bobbi


Stay warm... and pray the storm moves fast and does not do much harm.. trees have already fallen in places where they weakened by Sandy...power outages for people who just got power possible.


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