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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Storm Warnings All Over Again

The models are developing a "storm" that runs up the Eastern Seaboard producing winds, rain and snow over a large area from NC to New England along the same general track of Sandy.

Though not the same intensity and without the storm surge that wreaked havoc on many beach communities and Staten Island.

Still, strong winds and temperatures dropping down into the 30s over an area where many do not have power is an extremely difficult and dangerous situation. A lot can change between now and then as to the exact track, but again as before with Sandy some tracks keep the bulk of the storm offshore and others bring it onshore. A pattern is set up and this for now is the pattern until the pattern changes.

Here are a few samples of the models:

Snow Forecast

Rain Forecast

Note the Snow forecast is for a good swath of land that was affected by Sandy.. the rain more so than snow

We will know more with each model run.. moisture comes up from the Caribbean, across Florida and links up with the cold front and voila .. Sandy 2 ... a milder version..

I'm friends with a lot of people in Brooklyn who were affected. Seagate is where a lot of young couples move to buy their first home.. and then stay because it's a nice community. For Orthodox Jews who make a Jewish Sabbath and are still living in their homes it's been like a scavenger hunt. They have not had electric since the storm. 

A link on one community and how they dealt with it is below:

Most everyone is finding ways to cope, this tragedy affects some people harder who have weaker coping skills. Those who do..cope, go into action and then later it hits them like a ton of bricks. A ton of bricks in the head... heart and soul. Not an easy time, but time to start rebuilding .. 

More tomorrow.. just posted that for the several people who asked me how people were doing there for Shabbos.

Besos Bobbi

Ps If  you can get blankets, supplies, new coats and sweaters for children and elderly especially into the area.. good luck, they need it bad. 


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