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Friday, November 02, 2012

Lunacy in Manhattan, Rioting in Brooklyn.. Runners & NYC Really Need the Marathon says Crazy King Bloomberg

I'm totally dismayed and in disbelief that a nation who honors life and the memory of the dead feels it important to have a marathon in a city where people do not have power. But, generators are being brought tin FOR THE MARATHON... not for the people without heat on cold nights without food.

People who survived the storm and have jobs cannot get to their jobs, find food, pick up their paychecks to pay bills... as the City that "never sleeps" never bothered worrying what they would do if the worse happened as we all knew it would. Their are people who not have or gas to get to work or check on their loved ones and in some cases have to bury their dead or at least identify them as bodies are STILL being pulled from the rubble on Staten Island.

Put yourself in their place.  They did everything they were supposed to.. They bought hurricane supplies, filled up their gas tanks, took money out of ATMs and made sure they had medical supplies. They live one of the biggest, most modern cities in the world and they were told to prepare for several days without power or electric. They watched the special on TWC several times on what would, could happen to NYC if a strong hurricane made landfall. They figured they were prepared and did what they could.. including living in an area of New York City or Brooklyn where they live on high land and not down by the beautiful beach.

They trusted their city officials, state officials and their President to be there for them in case the worst really happened. They prayed the best, the expected the worst and the thought the Mayor, Governor and the President had their back.

They were wrong.

Now, almost a week later.. their homes survived despite tree damage around their neighborhoods and they thanked God that they still have their family and their homes. They hunkered down preparing to wait it out.

Five days later, there is no food in the neighborhood market, there is no gas to drive somewhere to buy more food, diapers, medical supplies or those unexpected things you need after a hurricane hits your home. I've been through many a hurricane, trust me you ALWAYS forget something.  Or you just don't comprehend that "normal" doesn't return for months vs weeks vs days.

They watch in horror as they see areas they know devastated and hear stories of people who died in the storm. They think they have made it through the storm safely and yet they are wrong.

They go out looking for gas and find themselves in long lines, trapped next to people screaming, fighting and in some cases rioting. Looters go out at night lurking around for any opportunity to take away what they feel the right to take and the police are not on the streets because they are guarding gas stations and subway entrances and preparing for the New York City Marathon. Their children or their elderly parents live across town and they cannot get to them ...because they have no gas. The gas stations have power, but no gas.

And, somehow for the Emergency Preparation Teams this was a surprise and they had no real back up plan.

What were these people doing? They should be fired, at least their bosses..going all the way back on the food chain to at least the Mayor.

I find it funny that the same Democrats who rant and rave that Romney is out of touch with the simple man because he has too much money and yet... they look the other way and make excuses for Bloomberg, who is a Democrat and probably has more money than Romney. Where Romney has experience at managing things, running things and being in control... Bloomberg has spent the last several months getting super sized sodas outlawed in his city as he calls it often... in stead of preparing the city for Sandy. And, this is coming disaster was something that anyone who watched "It Could Happen Tomorrow - NYC" which was by the way a much worse hurricane.. not "Sandy"

Weather Channel: It Could Happen Tomorrow - NYC

 From the first moment this storm started to form we knew it would hit the general NY/NJ area. That was a WEEKS worth of warning that this calamity was on the way.

One can only wonder what was going through the Mayor's mind when he told the people in beach towns along the water not to evacuate.

The Soda Ban should have been the first clue... Strike 1.

The "do not evacuate" should have been the second clue... Strike 2.

The need to run the NY City Marathon in a city where they are STILL finding dead bodies, where people are afraid for their life to go out looking for gas and food because of a spiraling crime problem and the lack of gas to drive anywhere... even the taxis and car services stopped driving as they ran out of gas and fierce fights have broken out at bus roots and on the few subways working that look more like a Science Fiction Movie "preppers" watch rather than "just another day in Brooklyn."

I'm sorry, but to put it politely the man is crazier than Crazy King George who "lost the colonies" and what goes through his governor's mind or the President's mind who in theory waits to be asked for help from the Mayor and the Governor.

By the way I am an Independent and have voted for more democrats for President than republicans so don't write this off as something written by a poster girl for Conservative thinking... I am pretty liberal on many levels.

I do believe that someone needs to take control of New York City and the 5 boroughs and wrestle it away from King Bloomberg who is very much like Nero putting on a marathon while other parts of NYC burn with robberies, shootings, lootings and desperation..and did I mention dead  bodies.. dead people are still being recovered in Staten Island.

I think they should all be ashamed. How ANY runner can go to NYC at a time like this and ask hotels to throw out refugees so they can have a room... and have trucks who obviously have gas truck in their water bottles and food they need for the run. Not to mention the generators being brought in for the Marathon. They should be ashamed. Is their quest for perfection as an athlete so out of kilter that they don't see they are running around a City where people cannot get the basics of life .. and many are mourning the loss of their loved ones and still searching for their dead.

Strike 3... and it's time for someone to pull the plug on the lunacy that is Bloomberg's reign on New York City.

And, where is the Governor? Where is the President? Where are the troops?

I lived in Miami through times like this.. they brought in the marines. They set up generators and trucked in gas and they took back control of the city... several times not just during Hurricane Andrew... but smaller storms.

There is lunacy going on right now in Manhattan and anyone who participates in this marathon should be ashamed of themselves and pull out now and donate money and time in any way they can to the people trying to survive one of the biggest modern day disasters that IS comparable with Katrina.

And, the media and the government..... needs to take control of New York City.

The President said eloquently the other day that we don't leave anyone behind. Well, I would beg to differ as the people of Brooklyn, New York City, Queens and other cities in New Jersey and New England without power, gas or food beg to differ..

Some thoughts around the Internet.

And, understand these are not just crazy National Enquirer Headlines, these are real as it gets.

My son, the father of 3 small children, cannot get any gas and there is no food left in the stores near his house. Yes, being from Miami ... he prepared..  The lack of gas stops the food from getting to the stores for people who have cash to buy more groceries or medical supplies. They cannot get to work to pick up their paychecks and their employers cannot get them their pay checks. They cannot get to work from Crown Heights to Borough Park where their jobs are as ...there is no gas..  He drove down to Atlantic Avenue somewhere that he was told might have gas, he felt as if he was in the TV show Revolution. He witnessed people fighting, police surrounding the gas station and pulling people apart who were beating each other up. He didn't find gas. He went home quick and is worried about the safety of his family and his friends as tempers rise out of control in Brooklyn and other parts of the city. My daughter and her husband drove to a friend who lost power to give them hot food... when they got there the neighbor was crying hysterical.. she was walking down the street near her house and was mugged, physically injured by someone wearing fake Con Ed uniforms who grabbed her purse and her groceries and ran off down the block. My daughter Dina who is not afraid of much, got off of the phone when they got to the street that had no lights on as it was dangerous, as my son had said.. very sketchy, very scary... takes a lot to get her to worry for her safety. She's home, without gas and trying to conserve whatever is left in her car for her husband. When she drove down to the Beach the other day (not that far as the crow flies) she didn't think that a week later she'd have to be going through this.

No one did.

New York City and the surrounding areas looks more like the TV show Revolution than the City that Never Sleeps and who everyone loves.

The runners should be ashamed of themselves.. the Mayor who outlawed Supersize drinks is obviously living in lunacy and totally out of touch with how everyone is living in a city that feels like an apocalypse hit it, alone, on their own and fearing the mob rule breaking out as more and more people riot and lose their temper exponentially.

When people can't get food, liquor, cigarettes..the basics that keep people calm, happy and satisfied they get mean..the streets of New York are mean streets right now..

Someone do something, because Crazy King Bloomberg may be crazier and more out of touch than King George.

File:George III in Coronation edit.jpg

(Ps... just type in "King Bloomberg" and dozens of images come up.... so, so sad.. and scary)

Besos Bobbi

Need to rant
Posted by Fred on 11/2/2012, 11:18 am

They should cancel the NYC Marathon or reschedule it. They have these huge generators that are providing electricity to the marathoners tents in central park, will others that need it are suffering!!!!!!!!Also heard that they have tons of water ready for the marathon when it should be handed out to those that need..And out of state Utilities crews either cant get hotels rooms around the city, or have heard that crews from California that were here got kicked out of a hotel so they can use it for marathoners, and they left and are headed back to california..

Screw the marathon. NYC is going to have to use a large percentage of the police department and fire rescue for it while they should be helping in the recover efforts. I just think it is ridiculos  that they have not canceled or rescheduled the marathon. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO USE THE RESOURCES THEY WILL BE USING FOR THE MARATHON!!!!!!!!!! Just does not make sense to go on with it!!!!



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