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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News Stories, Maps and Videos to Remember Sandy

Some stories to think on that tell the story of Hurricane Sandy well...
The tree was so big, they couldn't find their bodies until Tuesday morning...the dog they were walking survived. I suppose they felt safe from storm surge, but didn't realize how dangerous falling trees were and how early the trees will begin to fall.. very sad.
Just to the north of Breezy Point is ...or was...the beautiful neighborhood of Sea Gate.. most of the residents evacuated... they returned to find not much left.

I am sure this was a beautiful view once upon the time in a beautiful home... before Sandy.. 

A must see video... shows the scene inside the subways... debris sloshing along inside and filled with water that may take more than a week or so to pump out.. and the water that is being pumped out is filled with toxic chemicals..

The dirty truth about the subways is that they are DIRTY.. debris floating, heavy debris.. toxic debris.. not so  simple to fix.. no 1-2-3 easy solutions. Subways will partially open tomorrow.. but not the ones on Lower Manhattan or the ones that cross the rivers.. a partial opening in some areas far to the North of where Sandy impacted the grid.

Torah Scrolls being dried out that were badly damaged. Holy scriptures... a real disaster..

Mazel Day School.. Mazel means luck... no one was totally lucky after this storm.. lucky to survive though ..

A nice school, a good that I am sure needs help rebuilding if you know someone who wants to donate.. here is a link to their school website:

In better days:

 Located just west of Coney Island and the Aquarium that was flooded as well..

See... a great place to live.. unless a hurricane comes and takes it away...

Brighton Beach is an oceanside neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. As of 2007, it has a population of 75,692 with a total of 31,228 households. Wikipedia

Another area near the water that suffered tremendously was Mill Basin.
One of many great stories covered by CrownHeights.Info
A video you can watch that tells their ordeal in detail from the above link as she said "everything is gone from A to Z" was gone from the house they recently just bought. A tide of 14 feet washed through their neighborhood... suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning...saved by her son.. and fireman.. amazing story.

Note...this is near the houseboats that I highlighted earlier in a previous blog.. it's a community young couples go to live.. has a very nice quality of life a little away from the noise of other parts of NYC.. before Sandy.

This is an image of flooding water inside Kings Plaza Garage..the first floor not the top floor my daughter likes to drive up to.. any damage there or delay in re-opening affects people ..directly.. it is a large employer i that area for people who often live from paycheck to paycheck..

Staten Island...that is island... had damage wide spread and tragically people are still missing..


Lemon Creek Park in Staten Island (Credit: Salvatore Pernice/Facebook)

A good video from Lakewood, NJ of rescues and flooding from the storm:

RAW VIDEO.. from NJ... sad, hard to watch 

Please watch this video a young boy took... it shows how fast a tree can fall in a storm..
...and maybe... it will save someone's life when they go out for a quick walk in a storm..
the trees go fast.. they pull up the side walk.. rip away everything in their path
and the bigger the tree the faster it falls.. 
and so many people were killed by falling trees.. a young 4 year old boy
the beautiful couple at the top of this page..
pass this link around.. it has a happier outcome
but it's a great lesson to remember for next time....

and there will be a next time... Video of tree falling... 

More good links:  (good pictures, good coverage)

Some detailed info on the communities within the Jewish Communities that they cover. many in the path of Sandy.. some example stories below.. a bit political but many of their readers were in the direct path of Sandy...

VIDEO & PHOTO GALLERY: 'War-Zone' In Sea Gate Community Caused By Hurricane Sandy [UPDATED]

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Yesh Atid Leader Lapid Begins to Reveal Party Platform

Yair Lapid, who heads the Yesh Atid Party on Tuesday 14 Cheshvan revealed his party platform on a number of issues to the tzibur. He announced that his party, which the polls signal will receive in the area of 15 seats, will not ...    Full Story »

Hurricane Sandy: Updates For Far Rockaway / Bayswater / 5 Towns Communities [2:00PM EST Wednesday]

The following was sent to YWN by the Achiezer Organization: The following important update should be shared and forwarded with anyone that you know in the Far Rockaway and Five Towns area. Water: The tap water in the Woodmere ...    Full Story »

Romney Limits Attacks On Obama As U.S. Recovers From Sandy (1 opinions)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney held back from his usual attacks on President Barack Obama on Wednesday, as his campaign offered a more upbeat message with the East reeling from the storm Sandy. As Obama travels ...    Full Story »

Shas’ First Ladies Follow Achdus Example

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Some Good News: NYC Subways To Reopen Thursday With Limited Runs [UPDATED]

New York City's subway system will resume limited operations on Thursday, four days after it was shut down ahead of the arrival of Sandy, the massive storm that brought unprecedented flooding to the world's financial capital, ...    Full Story »


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