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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Global Warming, HAARP and Native American Prophecies ....



I am prefacing this post by saying I am NUTS on living as "green" a life as I can and acting in concert with the needs of Planet Earth. I used Roll On Deodorant when people thought I was nuts and rarely ever use Styrofoam.. and if I get a cup I hold onto it rather than throw it out as long as I can.. sometimes been known to decorate one with colored markers.. I recycle and am almost a Vegetarian (getting closer) because of the waste of money and ecological footprint it makes for my kosher beef to get to my house.. not to mention the chemicals in all meat and dairy today is nuts.

I do believe the climate has changed over time, the poles have flipped and they will flip again.. maybe they flipped during the flood..who knows there are no PDF files.

I notice the chemtrails in the sky and I wonder why others don't seem to notice the sky turns from bright blue to milky white as planes criss cross the sky and trails unravel like crepe paper streamers over my head.. and no one asks why? That to me is strange.. no stranger than the snow that happened in Raleigh last winter, not in the forecast the day after the chemtrails were crazy..

I don't discount anything in my desire to better understand science and specifically weather.

But, I do not scream HAARP or Global Warming every time some storm goes somewhere unexpected.

And, it's getting a big crazy to hear all the comments on Sandy and conspiracy theories than rather believe over and over again in history ... hurricanes have hit New Jersey.. just not as much as the Outer Banks or Florida.

File:1893 Sea Islands hurricane track.png

If that storm happened today everyone would blame it on Global Warming or HAARP!
Because everyone knows Hurricanes don't hit Savannah...  right?

Or the 3 Sisters of Hurricane History who danced up the coast in 1954:

File:1954 Atlantic hurricane season map.gif

Carol, Edna and Hazel would be blamed today on Global Warming or HAARP.. come on you know it...

The Wall Street Blizzard of 1888... was that Global Warming and HAARP too??


Weather Happens... back then and now... it happens every day and we explain it away as El Nino, La Nina, Global Warming and some even blame earthquakes on Native American Curses..though I will give Tecumseh a lot of respect and if he were alive today I'd give him a wide berth and be really nice to him.

Or the 1900 Galveston Hurricane that Isaac Cline thought never would happen and the storm surge he though could never happen, even though there were warnings by Cuban Meteorologists that were discarded like hurricane debris to be.. as for political reasons the US Weather Bureau was not taking input from the forecasters in Cuba. Today there is thankfully a lot more collaboration..

File:1900 Galveston hurricane track.png

What about Halley's Comet ...they used to believe it was a bearer of disaster on it's way..

File:Halley's Comet - May 29 1910.jpg's_Comet

1935... what was that? If any a year in modern history could scare the beejeebees out of my Grandma Mary it would have been 1935. Dust Storms and Category 5 Hurricanes. And, my grandfather had to choose that week to go down to Miami to check out a move from Atlantic City to experience the power of the 1935 Hurricane in Miami, safe but still very windy .. up close and personal.

A weird Hurricane Season as well and no Native American Chief in sight anywhere..

Then again.. Osceola in 1835 a hundred years earlier fought a war that eclipsed one of the greatest hurricanes to ever affect the Caribbean and Florida.

The 1830s were WICKED years in Hurricane History... no talk on Global Warming or HAARP though maybe I am sure saw them as warnings from the Lord on our wicked ways...

My point here is a life in concert with the needs of the world around you as well as Planet Earth. Do not frack.. this is not rocket science. When they had earthquakes in Oklahoma and Missouri and they stopped the fracking...the tremors stopped. That is cause and effect..

My point is don't pollute.

My point is maybe it is better to use forks than knives ...if not for the planet for ourselves as we stay healthier.

My point.. is there are chemtrails... they exist... not sure what is going on with them, but long before chemtrails polluted the sky.. there were hurricanes in the Northeast.

As for Tecumseh..the jury is still out.. seems like a formidable guy.. handsome too.. here's the real Tecumseh:

Bobbi's Bottom Line: It bothers me that people took risks believing it would "never happen" vs "it will happen one day" and then they blame it on Global Warming or anything other than the reality that it is normal. As Carl Parker said earlier on TWC.. it is partially our fault, we put ourselves in the way of nature (well something like that can't remember his exact words) .. we put ourselves on the Jersey Shore ..we glamorize it, we get a wake up call named Hurricane Irene and we still go on believing it won't happen to us..

Never think that hurricanes cannot affect you if you live on the Hurricane Coast.. and earthquakes do happen... let's get real and deal with reality .. move on to clean up and recovery and learn more about how these powerful storms work and how the plates on Planet Earth relate to weather, water pressure, fracking and ... just how time affects them because they will keep on rubbing against each other until somewhere a crack forms and 'wham" the New Madrid Fault or the San Andreas starts to move again in a big way.

Weather happens every day, Climate is the study of every day weather over the centuries..

Besos Bobbi


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