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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Out of Gas............

For the people in NYC and Brooklyn and Queens... across the region and throughout New Jersey ...for those who still have cars that drive...they are unable to drive as there is no gas. No gas anywhere to buy as few stations have any and without gas for cars and without subways working properly it's kind of hard to get around.....

A mess.

And that is putting it nicely.

Where was the preparation for this disaster that was bound to happen?

And, I have to tell you in a time and day when we spend a fortune on Homeland Security with the reasoning that we could have a massive terrorist attack in a big city... you telling me we still didn't have a plan B?

And, what is the Mayor preoccupied with?

Making sure the New York Marathon goes on ...

Seems he wants to keep the flow of tourists going that comes into the city for this event.


Nice.. now they can get into the airport but not to the event, because there is no gas for the cars, taxis and services ... to use to get around.

And, adding to the problem he put in a police check point to search cars coming into the City to make sure they have three people in them at all times.


So, now they have cars wasting what little gas there is while parked in a traffic jam.. running out of gas IN the traffic jam in some cases making the traffic jam worse...

Can this man get it right ever?

Now is not the time to be green and force people to carpool..

Now is not the time to worry about the NYC Marathon...

Maybe all the people who were going to run in the marathon should help out and volunteer to help clean up the city.

I've never seen anyone so out of step with the real priorities of life.

While people are trying to bury their dead... and find missing people who may be dead under the debris he wants to show the world that life goes on in New York City...

People need gas to get to work ...the people who still have jobs. They need gas to check on each other and survey damage and make repairs...

This is a no brainer and why was it not properly prepared for?

The lack of gas is shutting down what is left of the city that was able to work..

My son got to his job yesterday, they used flashlights on their hard hats to survey damage.

Not sure if he was able to make it to New Jersey today and if so he better stay there because there is no gas to commute.

What a mess..

A mess that could have been prepared for and a bigger mess than postponing the marathon that preoccupies Bloomberg's some what confused mind it seems.

Besos Bobbi


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