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Friday, November 02, 2012

Possible New Storm for NE/Mid Atlantic Next Week...

Just a storm, but way more than anyone up there needs. There are many people who have gone through the last few days with barely any clothing (no coats) and who lot everything in Sandy and they have not received the help that other victims of similar calamities have.. why I don't know but they haven't.

There are people with their clothes, no heat, no power..

There is a winter storm that rides the same track Sandy did...though some models keep it offshore.

A few of the models:


It's a sad truth that life goes on sometimes .. and so does winter... 

From some sources online:

For my friends in the Northeast, we are now watching the potential for a strong coastal Nor'easter moving from the Carolina coast on Wednesday to near Cape Cod by Thursday night.

Let's first talk about what this storm IS NOT. It is not a very large, slow moving tropical cyclone. And it is not "Sandy 2". That's important because the scope of wind and storm surge would be much smaller.

Unfortunately, what it is will be a problem for areas hardest hit by Sandy. This coastal storm is going to produce strong winds of 40 to 50 mph in some spots over areas with power lines and trees already weakened by Sandy. It is going cause some ocean flooding in areas where beach erosion has been severe. It is going produce heavy, cold rainfall on areas still trying to dry out. Most significantly this coastal storm will hamper recovery efforts by stalling repairs and in some cases setting them back. Worse than that, this will make an already bad situatio
n even worse for those without power and living in dire conditions.

My recommendation, if you have generators and gas, keep them ready to go. If you're running on generators, use your gas sparingly. If your food supplies are down, try to get them back up by Tuesday.

Hopefully this storm will move farther offshore and it's effects will be minimal but like any storm where people are vulnerable, better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

The image below is the Nov 7, Wednesday evening forecast from the ECMWF model showing heavy rainfall in the colored contours and the coastal low moving UP the coast.

 More sources say so.. I could wax poetic about the energy that comes up from the Caribbean, merges with a front and give the front additional fuel..

And, it's going to rain and rain and rain... cold rain.. maybe snow...

We need to do more and more faster to get food, supplies, clothes to people across a many state area in the Mid-Atlantic and New England...

Please help them... in any way that you can .. whatever your charity.

Perhaps they can reschedule the Marathon and dedicate the money raised to putting everything back together again..

Besos Bobbi


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