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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

List of Charities for Hurricane Sandy Victims... Please donate what you can...

I was at a Bris yesterday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Towards the end of the bris... when everyone was talking, wishing family members "Mazel Tov!" and looking at the sweet new baby boy named Isaiah someone got up and spoke from the heart about Hurricane Sandy and how desperate storm survivors are for money, clothes, linens, coats, toys, food, etc...  It was the Rabbi actually from Cary, Chabad which is down the road as thing go in the Triangle area of  Raleigh. Someone there has a relative that lost everything and is in need of help NOW ... as in ASAP. He asked that when people leave and pass the Charity Box by the front of the room they should please put whatever they can in it and added they are doing a collections drive soon so go through things in your house and see what you can donate to help others who need so much.

My husband came home and started going through things... he's a pack rat.. he has a lot to go through :)

Several people emailed me to see if the "site" was up yet that the Rabbi mentioned.

I have given the link MANY times here and I am a big supporter and believer in it. But, many like to support in their own way and there are many sites online. I am a little worried people will find fake sites which is what happened with the Haiti Earthquake and other recent disasters. It is so easy to set up a Facebook Page or a Website online and start passing it around. So, often I feel if you donate to the Red Cross you never have to worry about an organization being legitimate.

I'm listing a few stories and links to other sites... and feel free to send me a link and I will post that as well.

Good luck... and please donate ...whether it's money or a text to be charged to your phone bill, or by donating coats, sweaters, things people need to keep warm and toys that can brighten a child's life who doesn't understand why all his favorite toys were taken away by something called "Sandy" ....

Hurrican Sandy Relief
20 Cheshvan 5773 November 5 2012
Dear Friend,
There are community members with relatives who lost most of their belongings in the devastating storm. The community will be collecting basic household items and clothing which will be brought up to the Northeast in the near future.
Needs include:
1) Womens Coats, Sweaters, Blouses, dresses and pants size 2X/18-20
Shoe Size 8 1/2
Scarfs, gloves, accessories, etc.
2) Bedding (linens, blankets, pillows)
3) Gift certificates to stores like Target, TJ Maxx, etc
If you have any questions or to arrange a pickup, please contact Scott Cash Donation can also be given online at our payment center by scrolling down to "Storm Relief Fund."
Thank you for taking part in this Mitzvah.
Chabad of Cary

Another Chabad House raising monies for victims:

"OKLAHOMA CITY – As dawn broke over the heart of America, officials with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma told CapitolBeatOK that early preparations were under way to send disaster relief teams to the eastern United States.

Other private sector groups are also preparing to jump into the fray. When they get to the East Coast, the state’s experienced volunteers and professionals could assist with storm recovery efforts in the wake of devastation from Tropical Storm Sandy, which crossed onto land last night.


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