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Monday, November 05, 2012

Random Musings on Denial and Being Sick of Denial... Noreaster & Election Weather

Bare with me here.. I'm mildly medicated and annoyed and frustrated a bit with the concept of "denial" as a way to live and that relates to life in general and mostly WEATHER.

The beautiful image above is the Nile River.

The loop below is not the Nile River it is a REAL Winter Storm in November ramping up and coming in for a landing and TWC and CNN and FOX are ALL talking about it. Do not live in d'nile and pretend it's no big deal.. it is.

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East 12 hr Loop

For some reason we all live in denial with regard to weather and often with life and our health.

Like little children we see a 10% chance of snow in the forecast and we think "it's gonna snow, it's gonna snow, YAY ITS GONNA SNOW"

10% and we go bonkers on believing it is so for sure gonna snow...

We live in Miami and hear some wave is developing out in the Atlantic Ocean a few days off of Africa and we think "YES ITS GONNA HIT MIAMI" or "it's gonna turn, it's gonna turn.. I am NOT gonna think on this"

Like Scarlett we want to deal with it tomorrow.

Models show that there is a strong chance (way  more than 10%) of a strong storm directing a large portion of the Atlantic Coast and we go into denial immediately trying to convince ourselves "they" are wrong and it will go out to sea. Unless of course you are a storm nut who has never lost their home in a storm and think "WOW WE ARE GETTING A HURRICANE"


This whatever she was SANDY... was forecast over a week out by ALL models to move towards New York, New Jersey with the possibility of clipping the Outer Banks and or affecting Cape Cod and Long Island and every state in between.

Why did Homeland Security  put out a statement a week after the storm hit the Outer Banks that she needs places for refugees to stay when she should have known she would need this a week ago.. no ten days ago..

Why did it take a week for the Mayor of New York to know he would have to cancel the Marathon?

Why did he tell people they did not have to evacuate?


A new storm is coming and already I am hearing people say "oh they are hyping it" "it's just a Nor'easter"

Stop living in denial............ there is no such thing as "just a nor'easter" for families living in a water logged, damp, moldy home without power and with unusable coats that were ruined or washed away by the last storm.

Global Warming? Can we talk on that in six months? The Earth breathes... like a living person. It gets colder, warmer.. Mini Ice Ages... Global Winter in Summer from a Volcano or an asteroid and oh by the way asteroids hitting the earth happen too...

From 1954 to 1955 SIX hurricanes hit that same region..

I was born in 1954 in December at the same time hurricanes do not form in the Atlantic, but it did.

Was that Global Warming?

Let's focus on recovery and discuss global warming and Haarp and the chance that the son of Lex Luthor is in a basement somewhere taking over the Earth's Weather.

Let's blame it on Vladamir.. everyone blames everything on him.

Weather happens.

Deal with it.. do not live in denial.

Bastardi posts:

GFS westward shift is setting up for major human impact.. Not hype. More coastal flooding.. 1-2 million without power inland.. snow

People think "he always hypes everything"  = DENIAL

WHY is this happening on November 1st... they knew before the first trick or treater ventured out in Omaha that New York and NJ would need this..

Janet Napolitano: president declared a number of NY, NJ, CT counties disaster areas, so ppl can begin applying for assistance 

I don't really understand..

US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to visit New York today to see how recovery efforts are going. 

I don't really understand..

This storm was coming for days, we had more long term warnings for this storm and they were pushed off as "hype" and attempts to get better ratings and we were scaring people...

We were being realistic... we saw the models and to put it bluntly we thought "oh Crap" because this was the storm that we knew would happen BECAUSE it has happened before and we knew it would happen again.

People were in denial... they could not believe the SLOSH charts were true... that their low lying homes would flood.

I begged a friend to leave his Long Beach home... he loves the beach as much as I do... a kindred spirit as we talk on writing and beach communities. He went to Queens. He went back to Long Beach and his place is still there, it needs drying out... the piano will not make it.

Good news: After pumping out the water downstairs, I discovered the loss is not as bad as I previously thought. I managed to salvage some clothes, CDs, and other items. The piano is still history, though.

Hesh loves beach towns... he writes about them both in literature and in music.

This is what he was able to salvage so far... oddly we have the same music box :) or maybe not so oddly..

:( <--- beach="beach" better="better" days..="days.." great="great" in="in" of="of" p="p" the="the" video="video"> Link to more music

When I heard Asbury Park was going to get hit ... I felt sad for Hesh as he loves that area as much as he does Long Beach. As much as I love Key West and Long Beach, California where I used to live and Malibu and Pacific Coast Highway going up to Santa Barbara and as much as I love watching on the boardwalk on Myrtle Beach and Hollywood, Florida..

File:Ice storm.jpg

I'm married to a wonderful man who also loves weather, but he loves "the seasons" and it's cute the way he talks on each facet of the seasons. He loves the "seasons" the way Hesh and I and my friend who passed away a while back Stuart LOVED living on an ISLAND. Stuart told me once he loves Key West because he grew up his whole life on an island. I reminded him he grew up in NYC... he turned, smiled at me as we drove along the Overseas Highway towards Key West and said proudly "Manhattan is an ISLAND"   :)  I miss Stuart, I miss his smile and sparkle and the way he dealt with the real world. Yes, he was right.. I guess I lived in denial and didn't think of Manhattan as an island. And, when I mention to anyone in North Carolina I have always wanted to see an Ice Storm they tell me to "SHHHHHH" because they HATE Ice Storms.

Going "shhhhh" does not stop the Ice Storm from coming. If you live where there are seasons you get snow and fall and spring and sometimes Ice Storms.

Going "shhhhh" is like pretending Manhattan is not an island, it is.

And, he doesn't tell me to "shhhh" the neighbors do, he just reminds me he lost two trees in the last one and it's cold without heat... and I know... but I still want to see one..some day.

Check out this graphic I cut out free from.. Stuart did not live in denial, he knew he was living on an island.

The above was my house for over a decade... those upstairs windows in the back of the house was the Master Bedroom... you could see half of Miami beach from there and watch the sunrise over the Pines of Pine Tree Drive... beautiful house..

But, I do not live in denial.. I know a storm can come... one storm...and take it all away. I lived 3 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in Hurricane Andrew on Miami Beach in this very beautiful old 1920s home and knew that it could be gone in the wrong storm... or the right storm.. the one that hits Miami Beach rather than the one that bears right suddenly before the coast and hits Homestead.

A larger view....

That Red A is Miami Beach where I lived most of my life...

Hurricanes Happen...that is not hype and it is not Global Warming...that is a fact.

Earthquakes Happen:,0,7922947.story

A small quake hit north New Jersey Monday.

Maybe the flooding or barometric pressure made it happen.. maybe not.. we have so much to learn.

Twisters Happen.

Forest Fires Happen.

There is not a place you can live on Planet Earth that does not have something that could happen.

So deal with it..and do NOT live in DENIAL.

It's a big, beautiful world...

There is a storm off of the Atlantic.. look at it.. it's going to move up towards the same areas affected by Sandy and bring more misery and sadness and probably the death toll will go up because someone, somewhere will die from exposure and hypothermia and in a week or two pneumonia.

What caused my rant?

I have a sister in law who is a close friend and will be pissed beyond words that I am writing about this but she is in the hospital with pneumonia and several complaints ALL connected to her weight, her blood pressure, her inability to sleep at night and a long list of other problems and this is the THIRD time she had been in the hospital in a year and the doctors... each of them have told her she HAS to take her medication...she has to lose weight... she has to take multiple medication and she won't for a multitude of reasons and I'm worried I may lose her and cannot manage to get through to her she cannot live in denial and she must take control ... and she'd be angry I was posting this.


I am obviously sick today. I took Vitamin C yesterday, hoped it was allergy and just a "scratchy throat" but no.. I am sick. Lying here in bed talking to my brother and my daughter who are at the hospital in Miami with my sister-in-law who is being treated but refuses to make changes she must make to live a long, healthy life.

I am upset with people I told over and over it would be bad.. really bad and who refused to so much as put their valuables up onto high objects because they were told by neighbors "this area never floods" and though the bones of the house are there to rebuild... they lost everything of value though they did cave at the end and leave for higher ground.

I am upset that this recovery is taking painfully slow and that most of these problems could have been addressed by proper planning and not living in denial that one day a hurricane would make landfall in New York City and New Jersey when we all knew it would happen one day.

And, I'm frustrated I'm sick and have to go to a funeral for a friend's father and I need to remember to take medicine and vitamin C and I am frustrated my sister-in-law is upset she won't be able to vote.

Early voting... it's there for a reason.

Had she voted... she would have had her voice counted... and she should be worrying on why she refuses to take her meds for blood pressure and other problems... but she's living in denial and I'm not in denial... I'm worried about her being able to vote 4 years from now because... no early voting will help her if she dies from high blood pressure.

That's my rant for the day...

So four years from now.. think on that the next time you wonder whether you should take advantage of Early Voting.

And, when someone says there will be an Ice Storm... a 50% chance or more do not say "oh they never happen" but go prepare. And, I want a government that prepares for the problem before it happens... because weather happens.

Let's all stop living in denial...

Stop polluting the earth... stop eating meat if it is bad for you... and meat the way bad for most people. Stop driving if you can walk or take a bus or train...  Stop throwing Styrofoam cups onto the ground unless you want to say "Bobby was here" because that cup is gonna last longer than you will ..

Start giving more money to meteorologists who are trying to get better models so we don't have to do the Texas Two Step of the European says but the GFS says...

And, donate money to the Red Cross ... go through your closets...they need clothes... go through your linen closets...they need linens... go through your charity boxes and empty them ..they need charity.

Back later with some info on Election Weather on Tuesday...

Atlanta is going to have a messy day... and people out voting in the North East and the Mid Atlantic need to buy supplies if they can ... for a bad winter storm in Fall ..

And, my sister in law who is in the hospital with multiple problems is upset she won't be able to vote.

Besos Bobbi

Ps...thanks for listening to my rant... if one thought here hits you as accurate... good.


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