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Thursday, November 08, 2012

NY NY ....ITS A SNOWY PLACE" (Some places to donate)

Well, that's my go to site for pictures of the old home town after the first snowfall of the year in New York. The picture above is from Eastern Parkway, the first place people in Crown Heights go to get good "snow pics" and always has the best pics.


Okay.. maybe I am losing it.. it's been a long Hurricane Season with no break before snow begins to fall on my beloved 770.

In the snow... always glows:

I heard Stephanie Abrams say it's interesting seeing the snow falling on the fall foliage ... something I was thinking on last night. Last winter we had one small snowfall in Raleigh and it was 

Crown Heights...for those who do not know of it is the "home" of Lubavitcher Chassidim. It is also home to a very large Caribbean Island population whose West Indian Day Parade is an event people come in for from far away. A new group of people have moved in and taken over the scene known as "hipsters" as they have oozed their way around Prospect Park from the wealthier areas like Park Slope. And, hipsters from Williamsburg have found Crown Heights to be a more user friendly place to live and hang out. 

Restaurants like Basil NY attract residents as it is Kosher and has one of the best menus I've seen north of South Beach. Trendy, nice, warm, cozy, great food and a place to meet and hang out and while away a few hours.
(try the polenta fries...oh wow),_Brooklyn

It's a neighborhood with old historic buildings, brownstones, odd modern Gothic looking row houses that line President Street and unique 3 story homes on Union Street clustered together so close they look almost like an apartment complex. Every season is glorious in Crown Heights, climbing roses in the spring against the dark brown stone, a canopy of fall foliage above your head with the street lights shining down onto the golden leaves that look like a Fall Fairy Tale or Fantasy Novel. But the first snow is a big event. Give it a month and everyone complains, but there is nothing as beautiful as the first snow in Crown Heights or in many tree lined areas of Brooklyn.

Nuff said on snow and Brooklyn.

This early snow episode reminds me of the random snow day we had last February in Raleigh, after all the trees had segued into Spring. Snow fell on the spring flowers and melted just as fast in the warm sunshine the next day but for one day last February during an Early Spring we had snow.. 

Check out the video from the Storm Chasers last year:

My husband remembers an October snow event in Roanoke Rapids in North Carolina in 1982. He was young, they took red golf balls and played golf in the snow. He said it wasn't easy, then again it was easy to see their tracks in the snow. 

Snow happens. 

Annother famous October Snowstorms that affected similar areas:

October 10th, 1979
"An area of low pressure developed on a strong cold front that settled along the Mid-Atlantic Coast with an unseasonably cold air mass in place behind. An area of low pressure developed over the Carolinas providing the moisture and snow with the cold air in place. Two strong areas of upper level low pressure extended from James Bay into eastern Canada with a deep trough digging all the way to the Gulf Coast. Snow was widespread from New England to the Mid-Atlantic as the 540 (rain-snow) line on the 1000-500 millibar map cutting right along the I-95 corridor from Richmond into New England. The World Series Game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates had to be postponed. The day before high pressure off the Mid-Atlantic Coast provided a southwest flow with temperatures across the Mid-Atlantic in the 60s and 70s. As the front moved through, temperatures fell steadily during the overnight hours and snow developed during the morning commute on the 10th. Accumulations from Philadelphia to the Baltimore-Washington area ranged from a trace to as much as 3 inches; mainly north and west of the metro areas. Upper level energy was strong enough that thunder and lightning accompanied the heavier bursts mid-morning. Snow had tapered off during the late morning and ended by lunchtime.
The heaviest snow occurred across parts of Massachusetts. The Blue Hill Observatory at Milton, MA reported 7 inches. Many locations saw their earliest snow (trace or measurable) on record including: Worcester, MA: 7.5 inches (earliest measurable snow up to that time), Providence, RI: 2.5 inches (earliest measurable snow), Philadelphia, PA: 2.1 inches (earliest measurable snow), Windsor Lock, CT: 1.7 inches (earliest measurable snow), Sterling (Dulles Airport), VA: 1.3 inches (earliest & greatest October snow), Concord, NH: 1 inch (earliest snow), Baltimore (BWI-Marshall Airport), MD: 0.3 inches (earliest measurable snow), Washington, D.C. (Reagan National Airport): 0.3 inches (earliest measurable snow), Boston, MA: 0.2 inches (earliest measurable snow), New York (Central Park), NY: Trace (earliest snow), Newark, NJ: Trace (earliest snow) and Richmond, VA: Trace (earliest snow).
The morning started with some record lows including: Boston, MA: 32°, Providence, RI: 32°-Tied, Philadelphia, PA: 33°, Bridgeport, CT: 33°, Baltimore, MD: 34°, Newark, NJ: 35°, New York (Kennedy Airport), NY: 35° and New York (LaGuardia Airport), NY: 36°.
The afternoon temperatures did not warm up much with many locations reporting record low daily maximums including: Milton, MA: 36°, Worcester, MA: 36°, Boston, MA: 39°, Portland, ME: 41°, Concord, NH: 41°, Hartford, CT: 41°, Philadelphia, PA: 42°, New York (Kennedy Airport), NY: 43°, Atlantic City, NJ: 43°, Bridgeport, CT: 44°, Sterling (Dulles Airport), VA: 44° (broke previous record by 11 degrees), Providence, RI: 44°-Tied, Wilmington, DE: 45°, Newark, NJ: 46°, New York (LaGuardia Airport), NY: 47°, Baltimore, MD: 47°, Lynchburg, VA: 49°-Tied, Richmond, VA: 51° and Wallops Island, VA: 55°."
I'm enjoying the images that are being put up online. 
I'm staring at the images on TWC and thinking how this is such a 1-2 punch for the clean up.
The biggest problem is trees weakened by the storm are now laboring under the weight of cold, wet snow and those trees are breaking creating more debris on top of Sandy's debris. 
CT got over 8 inches of snow in some parts. New York got anywhere from a dusting to two inches.,0,397778.story
The good news is the next system now moving into the NW will oddly bring warmer weather to people in the clean up area.. at least a brief respite.

Great visual... you can read up on the storm from a deep meteorological perspective on Facebook:
Look at the magnitude of this storm.. how big it is and look up in the top left corner and you will see the next storm that the TWC calls "Brutus" moving onto the scene.

Visible Water Vapor - GOES East Current

There is a wonderful group that has been raising money and receiving donations in the Crown Heights Area. Originally, Crown Heights was known as CROW HILL and over time the N and the Heights got added to the name.. 

Check them out...

Another site helping people recover:

A Music Video was made to raise money for the victims..
it has the most dramatic images of Sandy's damage artistically juxtaposed

You can listen online but you can order it ... buy it... and the money goes to recovery.

Listen to it... haunting, great job... please donate to one of the links posted above
or to the Red Cross ... or your own charity.

We must overcome.....

Besos Bobbi
Thank you for listening... for reading and for giving...


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